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Lil Death x Zombie Boy

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Wish I could teleport to mass, but it’s a little hard from the Big Apple.

If you’re in LA, bring out your inner goth and head to the One Eyed Gypsy for Lil Death. You never know who’s going to be there.

♥ BB


Black Banditz

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Showing some ♥ to Black Banditz.

Hope to photograph this hair-salon-slash-tattoo-parlor again, this time when the guns are going!

*Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

♥ BB


13 Shades Tattoo

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

This evening I went to 13 Shades Tattoo to watch, support and snap Kendra‘s latest body art.

Kendra wanted 29 in roman numerals on her rib area. The number 29 is especially significant to her, as both her parents, her birthday and her parent’s anniversary is all on the 29th of their months. Ced and I came along to offer words of wisdom, but with Alex doing the ink, Kendra didn’t have much to worry about.

Her tattoo took about an hour, but judging by her facial expressions it hurt like a beezy. I’m not surprised. From what I’ve heard the ribs are a sensitive area. Pain aside, Kendra took it like a champ. The end result? A well done tattoo with clean lines and shading.

If you’re looking to get ink done, check out Alex at 13 Shades. His shop is located in Downtown Kennewick on Cascade Street. It’s got a great atmosphere to help you feel at ease. I’m especially fond of their unique bathroom art (see third photo). Tattoos are permanent. Why not have yours be the best? 13 Shades can make it happen, check them out!

♥ BB

Three Rivers Tattoo Convention

Monday, September 27th, 2010

This weekend tattoo artists, fans and future ink recipients from around the Northwest gathered at the first annual Three Rivers Tattoo Convention.

The convention included eight vendors, artists from 28 shops, tattoo safety courses and contests. Sponsors included McCurley Integrity Dealerships, H2Ocean, Budweiser, Ice Harbor Brewing Company, Oxy King and Gypsy Queens.

Our friend Herrell won best oriental tattoo for his leg piece done in Japan. Shops and ink lovers also competed for best sleeve, portrait, traditional, tattoo of the day and full back piece.

I came to the convention to take pictures, network and support my friends at Cascadia Tattoo. While I didn’t get any tattoos, I certainly brainstormed a few ideas. Cory, my friend who works at the shop, promised to draw tattoos on my arms using eyeliner. We ran out of time this weekend, but hopefully he’ll still help a homegirl out because I certainly want to try before I buy (for life)!

In life there are two people. Those who are tattooed and those who are not. In my experience, I’ve noticed those with ink tend to be more artistic, accepting and tolerant of others. People who aren’t tattooed come across as judgmental and occasionally associate ink with criminals, gangsters or rap stars.

The Three Rivers Tattoo Convention broke down some misconceptions associated with tattoos. While I probably won’t ever find my Dad at a tattoo convention, I hope he (and everyone who holds negative connotations with ink) realizes tattoos are a form or art, expression and acceptance. Ink isn’t everything and as our generation ages, I feel it will become more accepted in the workforce. For now, it looks like I’m sticking to eyeliner.

♥ BB

Cascadia Tattoo

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Tuesday started with tacos and finished with tattoos.

Tonight after dinner I went to Cascadia Tattoo, to watch my friend Cory tattoo Bobby in preparation of the First Annual Three Rivers Tattoo Convention.

Cory sketched an octopus for Bobby’s thigh. The sketch itself was surprisingly large, and at least a few feet high by a foot wide. Bobby eventually plans to have an entire aquatic scene on his leg.

Cory and Kody, the owners of Cascadia Tattoo, are more than just guys with ink guns. These guys are artists. It shows when you walk into the shop. Enormous hand drawn sketches hang from the walls. Tattoo books pack a shelf. Inspiration is everywhere.

If you’re looking to get a tattoo, don’t do so without first talking to the guys at Cascadia. They are located in Downtown Kennewick near the Sports Page. Call Cascadia Tattoo at 509.619.0433.

Cory and Kody are unique, creative and competent individuals. I would certainly trust them to tattoo an octopus on my thigh, an airplane on my arm or a heart on my hip.

♥ BB

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