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Fashion Forward Faces: Midi Scenester

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

This is my final fashion forward face from Midi Music Festival. This guy’s style wraps up Midi fashion to a tee. Rolled skinny jeans, tight flannel, Ray-Bans, necklaces, old man shoes and argyle socks. Throw in the gold watch and dark beer and he could totally be a Portland hipster!

What do you think about this guy’s outfit? I am loving it.

♥ BB

Fashion Forward Faces: Rockstar Style

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

I spotted these two rockers outside my apartment this morning and knew they needed to be fashion forward faces. Black leather, tattoos, gauged ears and biker boots can only mean one thing. These guys are rockstars.

Well, I’m not sure if they are real rockstars, but they certainly dress the part. However, given my apartment is in a major art district and this is Beijing, they probably are important people in the music community. I gave them my business card, so if they’re reading this… 先生您是乐师吗?美国朋友要知道。谢谢!

It’s funny how even five thousand miles away, the rock fashions resemble those in the States. Dad, what were you saying about me finding a Chinese boyfriend?

♥ BB

Fashion Forward Faces: Communist Cowboy?

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Before you jump on me for my blog title, I will state I am by no means dogging China. This guy’s hat is literally a communist-era hat similar Chairman Mao’s.

Now on to the rest of his ensemble… Skinny True Religion jeans, cowboy boots, a cut off tee and wallet chain. Interesting. I like the concept but I’m not sure about the execution. The pants just look a little too tight for comfort. I mean how are his… Scratch that thought.

This gentleman stuck out not only for his fashion, but because he is over six feet tall. This is very unusual for China. Add in his attire and it’s no surprise everyone wanted his picture. Myself included!

Guys what do you think about skinny jeans? Do you find it awkward wearing skinnier jeans than some girls?

♥ BB

Midi Music Festival Recap

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

When thumbing through my Midi fashion photos it donned on me. I never posted the rest of my Midi Music Festival concert photos like I promised!

Midi is Beijing’s oldest outdoor music festival. Think of it as Sasquatch on steroids. It’s four full days of music, camping and I’m sure plenty of partying. Yvette and I conducted marketing research, took photos, shot b-roll and enjoyed the music.

I still can’t believe I weaseled my way onstage for the final performance. I guess a smile and a camera can get you places in China!

♥ BB

Fashion Forward Faces: Korean Fashion

Monday, May 24th, 2010

This guy came all the way from Korea, which is part of the reason his fashion stands out compared to the other men at Midi. Dreds, bandana, sunnies… Wait, is that Bobby Brown on his shirt!?

♥ BB