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Project Guyfriend

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The following post is complete satire, unless it works. In which case, I’m dead serious.

Last Valentine’s Day I blogged about not wanting a boyfriend, but a guyfriend. Fast forward a year and, well, I’m still on the hunt. My career in marketing got me thinking. When a client has a need, they turn to the field. Talk with people. Examine their thoughts, habits, likes, dislikes. In other words, do research.

Can this research be applied to the dating field? I’m not sure, but I went there. Yes, that’s right. I created, what we refer to in marketing as, a screener. Can you screen for a guyfriend? I’m not sure, but if dating turned into real life marketing research, this would be my ultimate guyfriend screener.

The only thing you can’t find in a marketing screener? Chemistry. (le sigh) So the search continues…

Click here to download your Project Guyfriend screener today!

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I Saw the Sign

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

And it opened up my eyes.

♥ BB

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