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Crescent Barred

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Crescent Bar bess byers

Crescent Bar bess byers

Crescent Bar bess byers

Crescent Bar bess byers

Crescent Bar bess byers

It might be Monday, but I wish it was still Memorial Day at Crescent Bar.

Between boat tie-ups, BBQs and secret spot smokeouts, I managed to snap a few photos. TBH I probably took more client photos than personal pics, but such is life…

I haven’t been to Crescent Bar since college and this trip by far surpassed my last. Our camp crew rocked, we had a responsible boat driver and the weather couldn’t have been better. I returned to Seattle with a mild sunburn and unforgettable memories.

Huge thank you to Mallory and Kyndall for making our girls road trip one epic adventure! Next up — SeaFair. Who’s ready!?

♥ BB

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Lake Sammamish Birthday Sets

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Birthday Sets > Birthday Sex

What better way to ring in my 29th rotation around the sun than with an epic birthday set on Lake Sammamish?

The boating crew braved frigid temps to throw down on what Seattleites considered a warm day. John, Eddie and Chelsea hit the wake hard. I broke my bindings last summer (I need an upgrade from the ’04 Mavens I’m riding) so stuck to surfing.

While this marked one of my more mellow birthdays, and the last of my 20’s, I couldn’t have spent it with a better group of people. Thank you again to everyone who made this day (and wave) so stinkin’ special. Stay tuned, because the weather is warming up and the wake will only get bigger!

♥ BB

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Yacht Surf Sunday

Monday, October 19th, 2015












While the Seahawks sink, Seattleites have turned to other forms of Sunday entertainment. Last weekend we stepped up our game and went yacht surfing.

My friend Rob recently bought a 40-something-foot yacht, so when extended the invite (thank you Patryk!), I ditched Sunday blogging for board sports. If there’s a wave, these guys (and gals) will ride it.

Fall riding has always been a favorite and days like this remind me why. Most boats have been winterized, which means glassier water. The weather is crisp so riders are committed. Plus orange leaves make for pretty pictures.

Surfing this behemoth wave I felt like a boss. When I first learned to wakeboard, I asked my ex about wakesurfing. He said I wouldn’t get it because I “don’t understand the concept of pressure.” Needless to say, that relationship didn’t work. Also needless to say, I “understand the concept of pressure.” Whatever that means.

Major thanks to Rob for the tow, and everyone else for being an awesome crew. Now how do we top yacht surfing!?

♥ BB

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Hometown Throw Down

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015






After five years off the water, it felt good to have a hometown throw down.

Tri-Cities temps soared to 114 last weekend, so we beat the heat and hit the river. Summer 2008 was my last serious shred sesh, and it resulted in a torn ACL and herniated disk. Needless to say, I felt slight nerves strapping in.

But those didn’t last long. I charged my second cut in and cleared the wake like it was yesterday. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, catching air or seeing the looks on the guys’ faces that I could still ride. Like I said boys, “I’m baaaaaack!”

Thank you Matt for the tow and Casey for taking photos (and not dropping my camera in the river!). I’ll be back in a few weeks, and looking forward to chase boat photos!

Side note: I’m riding an ’04 board… Which is kind of like riding a brick. Any suggestions for a new setup? I’ve been eyeing this Ronix gem.

♥ BB

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2011 Polar Bear Ride

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Yesterday wakeboard enthusiasts strapped in for the Third Annual Polar Bear Ride and raised money for Wishing Star.

Even in the cold, amenities made wakeboarding in January bearable. Riders bundled up under dry suits and huddled around massive heaters between sets. The hotel hot tub, coffee and hot cocoa also helped get our blood flowing. I downed about five cups of coffee prior to riding.

After snowboarding Friday, I knew my body would ache. I didn’t anticipate it hurting that bad. The moment I jumped in the frigid Columbia my body cramped up. I miraculously cleared the wake a few times. No clue how, I couldn’t pop in the dry suit and my muscles barely moved. How do the guys throw inverts in this cold weather? By the time I got to the dock I was worthless. Chris dragged me out of the water and I made a mad dash for those heaters. On another note, I make really weird faces while riding. Sorry.

The Polar Bear Ride (PBR) is by far one of my favorite wakeboard events, not just because I’m riding in January, but because it feels great to get on the water for a cause. I’m still waiting on the final numbers, but last I heard we raised over $1500 for a child in need.

Tri-City Riders, Sporthaus, Malibu Boats, CWB Wakeboards and the Clover Island Hotel all made this event possible. A huge thank you to them!

I’ll update the numbers when I hear back from Jeff. $1500 isn’t too shabby and will certainly make a difference!

♥ BB