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Down By the River

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015













I am so excited to share these photos from my shoot with the insanely talented Marcelo!

We spent the day snapping photos while lingering train tracks and twirling by the Los Angeles River. If Marcelo sounds familiar, it’s because we shot RV Vibes together a while back. He’s one of my favorite photographers to work with and his lighting is impeccable. This day was one for the books and a great way to wrap my time in LA.

Some of you saw this shoot unfold on Snapchat (add me at BessByers) and if you’re not, follow Marcelo on Instagram. Want more? Peep us on Arsenic! FYI: Some of these contain a little more booty…

Styling by moi.

Outfit Deets:
Bodysuit: American Apparel
Sunnies: Valley Eyewear
Baseball T: Vintage
Shorts: Levi’s – Vintage
Overalls: Guess – Vintage
Boots: Justin – Vintage
Lace Crop: Goodwill
Fur Jacket: Daniel’s Leather
Black Hat 1: Vintage
Black Hat 2: The Well
Rings: Vintage

♥ BB

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Art District Adventures

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014










Art District adventures? More like a detour between filming a sunrise and driving to MADE. Either way, I pulled over a few snaps. Others I took out my window (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving).

The DTLA Art District is one of my favorite places, and with colorful murals covering warehouse walls, no explanation is needed. Photos can’t capture the magnitude of these paintings. They’re best seen in person.

If you’re downtown LA and in need of an art fix, cruise east on First. Just follow the murals. If you need coffee after art browsing, stop by MADE. The cafe is en route back to the freeway. Enjoy!

♥ BB

What got me into street art? This street in Beijing.

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Set to Bake

Friday, November 14th, 2014










I love seeing the progress of MADE by DWC, and our baked goods are no exception. MADE recently started a program called Set to Bake.

Every morning our ladies fresh bake scones, muffins and cookies to be sold in the MADE Cafe. As with any business, we encountered a few difficulties during startup. I remember receiving the morning baked goods. Some tasted burnt, others oddly shaped or falling apart. Mornings turned into us eating the unsellable baked goods.

Fast forward a few months. Our recipes perfected, the ladies work hard to bake the best pastries every morning. The sweet orange cranberry scone is my personal favorite (sweet tooth) but if you’re looking for something savory, the pesto scone is great too. If you’re in the market for muffins, might I recommend blueberry.

What I love most about MADE is the empowerment women feel from gaining job skills. The stories I hear remind me the importance of giving back. We are all a community. Let’s use our talents to come together, inspire each other and make a difference.

Click here to follow my journey at MADE, starting from day one. I can’t believe I’ve been here over three and a half years. MADE Cafe is hands down the happiest place on Skid Row.

To all my DTLA peeps, make sure to stop by MADE for the best baked goods in town. They’re fresh daily, unlike Starbucks’ that are frozen and dry. (take that you corporate giant) Most importantly, Thursdays are Cookie Thursdays. Get any cookie for $1. If you follow us on Twitter and mention the secret word, you get a small coffee or tea for free!

♥ BB

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Y-R-U So Amazing?

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014









Y-R-U so amazing? Y-R-U the perfect platform, party shoe, chunky boot and sandal? Y-R-U, you are the best.

I stopped by the Y-R-U showroom to scope their latest goodies and say hi to my incredibly talented friend Z. If you haven’t heard of Y-R-U, I’d advise you to look ’em up ASAP. These shoes are NXT LVL. Sequined or spiked platforms, clear sandals, controversial flats, creepers and even platforms for men. Y-R-U is killing the game.

Thank you Z for hooking a homegirl up with new kicks. The Gemma makes me feel like one badass moto gal, and the Qozmo – Hi Light definitely compensates for the light up LA Gear shoes I never got as a kid!

♥ BB

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YYZ – LAX: A Higher Contemplation

Friday, August 29th, 2014







What a blast shooting The High Contemplation‘s most recent collection, YYZ – LAX.

The inspiration for YYZ-LAX is mainly inspired by Chris, their designer’s, first trip to California last year. He was blown away by the creativity and livelihood of LA’s culture and lifestyle. He wanted to vivify The High Contemplation in the same way. All their gear is manufactured in LA, then shipped to Toronto for printing, hence the “YYZ-LAX” name.

So where did We.R.Wolves come from? Wolves are survivors and move in packs, but they’re also individualistic thinkers. Chris has been fascinated by them ever since he was a kid. Wolves are extremely loyal, intelligent and free spirited creatures. We.R.Wolves is a play on words for werwolves, and is meant to represent those individuals who embody that wolf-like mentality.

I connected with the THC crew via Instagram and enjoy collabs with them. Ivan and I shot in Venice last year, and Chris contributed his art one of my political posts. It’s so fun when Internet friends become IRL friends. Who doesn’t like to combine their talents?

Also, a big thank you to Y-R-U for providing shoes for this shoot!

♥ BB

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