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Three Clubs

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Last night I photographed The New Limb and Robotanists at Three Clubs in Hollywood.

My friend Joseph, also a Tri-Cities native, works in the music industry and suggested I come out to take pictures. I’m certainly glad I did. Three Clubs is a hip martini lounge reminiscent of classic LA. In an odd way, walking in the doors felt like walking back in time. But enough about decor, more about the bands…

Robotanists killed it and The New Limb left me dancing. Sarah, the singer of Robotanists, has a killer set of pipes and clearly great taste in heels. The New Limb, a self described IndieRockFolkAlt band, I could listen to for hours. Joseph said their last few tracks (and my personal favs) are new. Lauren, the keyboardist, gave me an album which will definitely be included in an upcoming iMix!

Looking to branch out musically? Check out The New Limb and Robotanists. Looking to branch out socially? Hit up Three Clubs. Heck, I went out by myself, in white pants and flats. Did I mention I’m new in town? No excuses. Go to Three Clubs and get your groove on. I’ll see you there.

♥ BB


Prince at the Forum

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Brad for taking me to my first, and certainly not last, Prince concert Saturday night!

Prince put on a three-hour set complete with appearances by (my all-time favorite female artist!) Gwen Stefani and Sheila E. Prince dazzled the audience, literally with his attire and musically rocking out on the piano and guitar. Did I mention he did six, yes six encore presentations? I couldn’t believe it.

I (obviously) didn’t bring my camera due to tight security. I debated sneaking it in, and if I’d gotten away with it might have been able to snap a couple photos, but didn’t want the hassle. Instead I cheered, clapped and danced the night away and almost… Oh who am I kidding. The entire night I thought about the photos I’m missing. I’m addicted to photography.

I’ve seen my fair share of artists live, and Prince definitely ranks in the top. He’s a legend. Timeless. Clearly appreciative of his fans. Now if only Prince would let me take pictures with my SLR…

Thank you again Brad! Who’s on Twitter? Need a funny follow? Click here and follow Brad, a self-proclaimed ass “bringing nothing to the table since 1983.”

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Photo of the Day: Day Three Hundred Forty Five

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Kick ass show show Monobomb!!

♥ BB


Avenged Sevenfold in Kennewick, WA

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

It’s slowly sinking in that I photographed Avenged Sevenfold and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Last night Avenged played at the Toyota Center as part of their Nightmare After Christmas Tour. Fans packed the arena, setting a record for the most tickets sold to a Toyota Center event. I even met guys from Vancouver, BC who drove down to see the show.

Song after song, Avenged Sevenfold rocked out. Pyrotechnics illuminated the set. Fans crowd surfed, sang along and put their lighters in the air. Unforgettable.

I’ve been to many a concerts and feel like most artists tell crowds the same crap over and over. Not Avenged Sevenfold. M. Shadows talked about playing for the troops, the passing of Rev how much the guys appreciate their fans. He even called out an audience member who held his girlfriend up the entire show. Towards the end of their set, M. Shadows encouraged fans to make the biggest circle pit the Toyota Center has ever seen. Naturally guys went nuts moshing and pushing. I took cover to avoid getting knocked out. Bad idea M. Shadows!

Of all the shows I’ve attended, this one ranks in my top five. Their energy, enthusiasm and appreciation for fans sets Avenged apart from other bands. The tribute song to Rev almost brought a tear to my eye. I will definitely attend another Avenged Sevenfold concert. Seeing them perform only made me appreciate their music more. If you ever have the opportunity to attend an Avenged Sevenfold concert, take it!

*At the end of the night I passed a few business cards along to tour help. Standup Willie, if you’re reading this, thanks for (hopefully) passing my cards along!

♥ BB

Now Playing: A Little Piece of Heaven
**Sorry for the heavy bass. I stood directly under the speakers.


Photo of the Day: Day Three Hundred Sixteen

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Of all the photos from tonight’s Avenged Sevenfold concert, this shot of Synyster Gates is my money shot.

It screams POTD material. The intense look on Syn’s face, coupled with good lighting and the right angle is a one-in-a-million shot. I’ve been to quite a few concerts and tonight’s Avenged show ranks as one of the best. I’m sorting through pictures now so expect a writeup in the morning. With so many epic photos, it will be hard to pick which ones to post.

I don’t normally go for guys in eyeliner, but Synyster Gates is looking daaaang good. Too bad he’s hitched. I guess on that note, I’m hitting the sack. Time to dream of rockstars and tattoos.

♥ BB

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