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Making Changes

Sunday, December 8th, 2013








Shortly before Thanksgiving I dropped off the grid for over a week. While I told friends it was a personal growth retreat, it turned out to be so much more.

Due to a tumultuous childhood, I’d developed a lot of negative patterns. Despite what social media may portray, I can be unhappy, self-doubting, hurried, jealous, critical, stressed out, a perfectionist, impatient, compulsive, a know-it-all and self-admittedly a tad narcissistic. While I have all these patterns, I also have something else: the power to change.

I spent a week away from technology, with 39 amazing individuals and five caring counselors. We identified issues and learned tools to tackle this non-beneficial behavior.

Nestled in the outskirts of Napa, this opportunity didn’t change my life. It gave me the power to change my life. We have the power to control our emotions. We have the power to manifest our destiny.

A special thank you to Tom, the person who believed in me enough to make this happen. I am eternally grateful for your kindness.

Also, a big thank you to my 39 new friends. Thank you for the continued support. I appreciate all your calls, texts and emails. Looking forward to my call with Raz-Ma-Taz tomorrow morning.

I’m two weeks post-Process, and slowly making my visualizations a reality. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. The universe has a plan, and I’m going with it.

Crazy childhood, unhappy marriage or looking to improve your overall wellbeing, send me a message. I’ll give you deets on this unforgettable experience via email.

♥ BB


Palm Springs Dreams

Monday, November 4th, 2013











What a weekend with Sarah, Val, Yuka and Miles!

We trekked to Palm Springs for photos, fun and sun. Needless to say, all three came easy. Good location, great friends and talent for days, I couldn’t wait for this collaboration. An especially big thank you to Val and Sarah for putting literally hours into makeup, hair and nails. Photos wouldn’t have been the same without it. Love you two, loved this crew.

For more, scope my Tumblr.

♥ BB


I Want to Do It

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013










…Because I want to do it. Or so is the story behind last week’s shoot with Scooby.

We ventured out to Vasquez Rocks for a much needed photo adventure. Sweltering heat didn’t stop us from several outfit changes and hours of photos. Not to mention the breathtaking geology. I couldn’t wait for the final result.

To see more from out shoot, check out Scooby’s site Skinny Makes Pretty. Need makeup? Val Harvey, also known as Mohawk Makeup, is your go-to gal.

Thank you so much to Scooby for the photos and Val for makeup. I feel incredibly blessed to have two such talented friends! Now what’s our next story?

♥ BB


Solar Eclipse 2012

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

“The ruling class has the schools and press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses.”

-Albert Einstein

The result of my “illuminati quotes” search. Inform yourself.

♥ BB


Palm Springs

Monday, January 16th, 2012

I can attest, Yakima is definitely not the Palm Springs of Washington. But speaking of my home turf, it was so nice to spend a few days in the desert with family.

My Great Aunt Virg and Uncle Jim stay in Palm Springs every January, so when I realized the quick drive, decided to make a weekend out of it. I drove over Friday after a looong, hectic day of work. We stayed up late, catching up, talking about LA, work, life and its adventures.

When I woke up Saturday morning, it hit me. I am indeed here. What’s a girl to do? Eat. Sleep. Shop. And that I did.

My cousin Kevin also came into town, which upped the fun even more. Saturday evening the four of us went to my other aunt and uncle’s, who are staying down the street. We noshed on appetizers, made a couple drinks, then did dinner at Pomme Frittes. As always, another late night with food, wine, fires and family.

A weekend retreat was exactly what I needed. Time to relax with family, escape the city and (slightly) get away from technology. I always have a great time with Aunt Virg and Uncle Jim. I can only hope when I’m their age (early 80’s!) I’m still wine sipping, food munching and globe trotting with the love of my life (I need to find him). Thank you so much for a great weekend you two, love you!

♥ BB