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Photomerge: Part Deux

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

My recent discovery of Photomerge means I have a lot of old photos to sort through. Case in point, my Beijing skyline panorama.

I always had problems piecing together the sky in this sequence. Luckily Photomerge is the ‘ish and precisely places my photos for picture perfect panoramas. Definitely click on this photo to enlarge it. Chinese architecture is amazing!

I’ve been thinking a lot about China lately. It’s no secret I’m getting antsy. In China I felt so focused, ideas free flowing. I felt I could do anything. I’m making my New Years resolution early: get out of Tri-Cities. Where’s a good place to go and who’s hiring!?

♥ BB

Matt Kloskowski’s Photoshop Seminar for Kelby Training

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Today I attended Kelby Training‘s Photographers Seminar instructed by Photoshop professional Matt Kloskowski.

We covered Scott Kelby’s 7-Point System for Adobe CS5, working in RAW, portrait retouching, double processing, HDR, panoramas and PDF workflow for print.

The first two photos in this gallery are of the always amazing Annie Bixler. The first photo I applied the 7-Point System to make minor tweaks to the lighting. The second photo I used for portrait retouching. Annie is naturally gorgeous, but her picture worked well for the tutorial. I applied a Gaussian blur layer mask, liquified (enlarged) Annie’s eyes, sharpened her hair and erased any minor blemishes. I’m happy with the overall result, but in the future might apply less blur to her skin. It’s a little over-edited for my liking.

The final photos involve double processing. In other words, you merge smart objects with different exposures to give your photos a more balanced effect. It’s kind of like HDR but without different photos. Double processing works well on landscape pictures, specifically sunsets where the camera has a hard time metering for the light. On the final picture I added Double Processing to my Photomerged Rattlesnake Mountain sunset.

I learned an insane amount of information at Kelby Training’s Photographers Seminar. I learn by doing. Instead of just taking notes like most other students (hello boredom!) I followed along, making changes to my photos with the instructor. This allowed me to view my layers, see my edits and soak up information like a sponge.

I plan to attend future Kelby Training photography, design and web seminars. If I could attend even six of these seminars a year, my skills would improve tenfold. In a world full of designers, you must be the best to stand out. I hope my skills, artistic ability and quest for knowledge can take me there.

♥ BB

Photo of the Day: Day Two Hundred Twenty Eight

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Geographically, I find Eastern Washington to be a fascinating place. The landscapes are breathtaking, the history is rich and the soil is gold for growing grapes. This is Washington Wine Country.

I snapped this photo of Kiona from Red Mountain whilst out running work errands. I used Photoshop CS5‘s photomerge to blend five photos together. It’s a little overexposed, so I plan to take more panorama pics soon. I’m thinking about hiking Kiona one morning to snap some sunrise HDR photos…

What else would make good panorama pictures? I’m on the prowl.

*Click on photo to enlarge it!

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Computer Crash

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

While reinstalling Adobe CS5 yesterday, my computer thought it would be a great idea to crash. No joke.

I installed, uninstalled, then reinstalled (the actual version of) Adobe CS5. I erased my free space and verified disk permissions several times, to no avail. Long story short, I’m backing up my drive on my design computer, erasing my laptop, and reinstalling all my software. This will take another day or two (it’s taking seven hours to copy my backup to my computer!) to get caught up.

Keep checking back, because I’ve been out snapping rather rad fall photos. Without my laptop, however, I feel like I’m about to have an anxiety attack. I have so much design work to finish, and there is nothing I can do about it. Computer comes first. In the meantime, if anyone has a Xanax can you send one my way!?

♥ BB

Adobe CS5

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Sunday night I loaded Adobe CS5 onto my computer. Low and behold my frustration to access Adobe yesterday only to discover (insert computer geek talk here). I’m re-installing the software and as a result, my blogs might be delayed until later today.

Keep checking back, because I snapped tons of photos this weekend and have three blog drafts in the works. Thanks for scoping my site and have a wonderful day!

♥ BB