Midi Music Festival Recap

May 25th, 2010 , Bess

When thumbing through my Midi fashion photos it donned on me. I never posted the rest of my Midi Music Festival concert photos like I promised!

Midi is Beijing’s oldest outdoor music festival. Think of it as Sasquatch on steroids. It’s four full days of music, camping and I’m sure plenty of partying. Yvette and I conducted marketing research, took photos, shot b-roll and enjoyed the music.

I still can’t believe I weaseled my way onstage for the final performance. I guess a smile and a camera can get you places in China!

♥ BB

2 Responses to “Midi Music Festival Recap”

  1. Stephendong says:

    I went to a Asian Concert in Seattle last friday, it was kinda cool lol. Were there any big names at Midi?

  2. Bess says:

    Hey Dong! How was your Seattle concert? The bands at Midi are some of the top rock bands in China. CMCB, Tookoo and Brain Failure were just a few. Plus they had some top DJ’s spinning at another stage. You know me and dance music!

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