Legalizing Marijuana: Good Idea or Up in Smoke?

April 20th, 2011 , Bess

Legalizing marijuana? Is this a good idea or are politicians up in smoke? Obviously this is not a good idea…

It’s a great idea! Our government is roughly $15 trillion in debt, yet they want us, the taxpayer, to fund $51 billion a year to fight the war on drugs? I could go on a tirade about this, but realistically it’s 4/20. Everyone is probably too stoned to read a political rant about pot.

Instead, click on the photos to enlarge and stare until your bloodshot eyes can’t take anymore. Try not to get sucked into the tricombs.

Thoughts on pot? Good idea? Bad idea? Great idea? My great-grandfather smuggled alcohol into the US during prohibition. It’s only natural that I work to end the prohibition of marijuana.

Legalize it. Tax it. Focus our efforts on things like, say, hard drugs, border protection, immigration reform, mass transit, recycling, homeless, wars at home and abroad, terrorism, TARP, healthcare, oh yeah, and how about that national debt?

(grabs bong)

♥ BB

*Thank you bunches to one of my westside friends who let me photograph their medical plants awhile back. Such an opportunity does not come along everyday!


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