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Photo of the Day: Day Three Hundred Forty Seven

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

My mom purchased a new painting last weekend at the Antique Show in Pasco!

What makes this piece POTD worthy? Well for starters it is Chinese art. My mom said it reminded her of my time in China. But that’s not the biggie…

My mom bought the piece from Karolyn Grimes. Who is Karolyn Grimes? She’s none other than Zuzu from It’s A Wonderful Life, my mom’s all-time favorite holiday movie guaranteed to make her cry every year.

Now do you see where I get my penchant for real art!? Ok, so I’ve been known to cry at movies as well… And those damn ASPCA commercials.

♥ BB


Photo of the Day: Day Three Hundred Forty Six

Monday, March 14th, 2011

With the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan, I thought a picture of this Japanese statue would be appropriate.

Geology 101 taught me a lot about Mother Nature and tectonic plates. Our planet is always shifting, changing and recycling itself. Unfortunately Mother Nature’s movements can have a profound impact on her inhabitants.

Take time today to be thankful. Appreciate the little things. Remember, life can happen and be taken away in an instant.

Click here to donate to the Red Cross!

♥ BB


Photo of the Day: Day Three Hundred Nineteen

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

What a surprise to get a Valentine’s treat from Elyse in Seoul!

Inside this cute little package was a few Korean candies (called Hi-Chews) and an explanation of their customs on “American Valentine’s Day.” Apparently only women give gifts to men on February 14th. On March 14th, what Koreans call “White Day,” men give “non-chocolate gifts” to women. For the losers out there who didn’t get gifts, April 14th, also known as “Black Day,” is your day. Loners sulk, wear black and eat black noodles. Depressing!

I looooved the candy. They made me think of my time in Seoul (pretty sure I bought Hi-Chews drunk after Hongdae). Hi-Chews taste like Mamba, although the apple flavor is a bazillion times better. If you’re overseas, check them out.

Thanks again Elyse for the adorable and creative Valentine! Spreading love around the world!!

♥ BB


The Truth About China

Monday, December 27th, 2010

I realized last week marked six months of being home from China. I dug into my computer archives and found a blog I’d remembered writing.

I wrote this blog while sleep deprived in the Tokyo airport. During my last three days in China, I’d only gotten one hour of sleep. I was that busy. I popped three Tylenol PM and started writing. Words flowed freely in my sleep starved mental state. I wrote exactly what I felt: my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Then I fell asleep, only to wake up to my flight departing in 20 minutes. I got on the plane, passed out and forgot all about this blog. Until now.


2010 Holiday Blog Hype

Friday, December 17th, 2010

I would love to give all my friends gifts this holiday season, but I’m saving money and anticipate an upcoming move. Instead of giving material objects that will get stashed in a drawer, I’m giving the gift of hype: blog hype.

The following are a few of my favorite blogs. These people aren’t famous [yet] but certainly have the potential to be. Each blogger is talented in their trade. Their unique writing styles and content set them apart from other “bloggers” on the Internet. These digital journalists cover everything from food to fashion, DIY to DTC. They have something for everyone.

Forewarning: If you bookmark these sites you will get sucked in. Enjoy at your own risk.

Teresa Does It: Teresa is number one, because she is my number one blogging beezy and photo shoot wing woman. Teresa is a crafting, sewing, cooking, DIY genius. What sets her apart from other fashion/DIY bloggers? Well, aside from her skill, undoubtedly her writing style. Teresa, like most writers, writes how she talks. Since she’s is hilarious, naturally her blogs are too. Come on, couldn’t you tell by the name? Speaking of Teresa’s URL and how it came to be… I can close my eyes and travel back to that infamous Beijing subway ride. We discussed Teresa creating a DIY site. “But what do I call it?” she said. Without hesitation I blurted out “Teresa Does It!” Boom. Done.

Mendy Puckett: Mendy is relatively new to the blogging world, but don’t let that fool you. This former NBC Film School student has a slew of great content. Her political blogs are well thought out, written and balanced. She calls it like it is, and has the facts to prove it. Mendy recently wrote President Obama regarding our national debt and blogged about it here. Mendy also writes about travel, wine and current events. She is a blogger to watch in 2011.

Vintage Gem: Vintage Gem is another new blog, but knowing the writer, fashionista and digital diva Annie Bixler, it will take off in no time. Annie has a unique style. She’s an affinity for good music, great design and vintage treasures. Annie can make a granny jacket and loafers look chic. Not to mention those curly locks. Annie brings blue steel to our photo shoots and I’m sure she’ll bring it to Vintage Gem. Bookmark this baby because you will be back.

FVNCY: I discovered FVNCY through Teresa Does It and am hooked. Michelle and Cecillia jam pack this blog with fashion, food, photos and the occasional sketch. Michelle is like me, a blogging beezy, and she’s always posting content, especially her outfits. She rocks shredded knits, animal prints and slouchy beanies. I love the fashion posts, but my favorites are undoubtedly the FVNCY Food Friday how-to’s. Cream puffs? Fried soup balls? Avocado fries!? I’m full just thinking about it (in a good way). Snag one of these recipes and impress your Friday night dinner date!

Elizawhat: I stumbled across Elizawhat in China and started following from that day forth. Elizabeth is a twenty-something web designer and writer. She blogs about her mystery autoimmune disease, life’s struggles and most recently, the loss of her only grandfather. Elizabeth doesn’t hold back. She swears, dishes dirty details and even posts the wild, password required Stuff for Girls Only. Sorry, boys not allowed!

Elyse Canfield: Elyse is a fellow Coug, photographer and Northwest native. She currently lives in Seoul and chronicles her adventures overseas. Elyse is also known to post the occasional wacky audio clip (listen to her interview with the 2010 census worker here). She’s one creative cat. Meow.

Meggy Rose: Megan is another Portland blogger that most students can relate to. She writes about school, family, food, thrifting, crafting and PDX life. I don’t actually know Megan, but since she’s dating the next blogger, I can assume she’s one chill chica.

Keaten Abbott: I met Keaten through mutual friends coming to Pullman to film snowboard footy. Thanks to the joys of social networking, we’ve kept in contact. Keaten is a Portland based filmmaker and photographer. He got into the business in his teens, filming friends skating and snowboarding. Keaten has quite the clientele list, and with his talent it’s no surprise. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and will go far in life. Watch Keaten’s progress here. I’m waiting to see his Northwest filmed, western themed flick.

LeakLight: LeakLight is the epitome of a man’s blog. It covers art & design, fashion, gadgets, music and videos. However, just because it’s a “man’s blog” doesn’t mean women can’t read it. I started following LeakLight for their Weekend Warm-Up. Guys, this blog needs to be on your bookmarks. Ladies, with the holidays approaching, LeakLight has great gift ideas for your man. LeakLight: leaking knowledge by shining light.

What Means The World: I found this blog via mutual Twitter friends. (Did I really just admit that?) After reading a post about Freelensing I decided it was worth a bookmark. Freelance creative James Watts covers photography, videography, design, technology, pop culture and surfing. His article on The Coming of Digital News Distribution was even featured on Freshly Pressed. This is another great “guys blog” so gentlemen, bookmark it up. Ladies, he’s nice to look at. Always a bonus.

Ragasa Photography: AJ hails from the rainy city of Seattle, but his photography is anything but gloomy. He’s been featured in DList Magazine, shot for Etsy designers and takes all-around awesome photos. I’m vibing these and these shots he took of my friend Kayla. Beautiful girl, beautiful fashions and beautiful photos. AJ also has a sick style. Hello, backpacks!? I admire his fashion sense and look forward to working together on future photo shoots. Contact AJ for photos and keep following his work!

There you have it, a few of my favorite blogs. This winter curl up by the fire, sip spiked cocoa and make sure to creep the aforementioned sites. Maybe this will be a Christmas blogging tradition? In 2010 I converted a few friends to the blogosphere. Hopefully 2011 brings out a few more bloggers. What do you think Brittanie, Kelly and Danny!?

♥ BB