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To Bend and Back

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016






Mom Bend

Shred for Brad








My mom and George invited me to Bend, Oregon for their annual New Years Eve ski trip. With a season like ours, how could I not? I hadn’t been to Bend since College. Plus George and Mom are two of my favorite people to ride with. Invite accepted.

One of my favorite things about Bend and back is the drive. The Pacific Northwest is speckled with rundown old farm towns towns and dilapidated buildings. They’re so remote, it’s an eerie quiet when you step out to take pictures. The church especially gave me chills, as I didn’t dare venture into the abandoned hospital (or whatever it was) behind it.

Mom, George and I had so much fun skiing, eating and drinks with friends, we didn’t take many photos in Bend (beside iPhone pics). Our first day the mountain closed early due to extreme winds and crazy frigid temperatures. The next day Mom and I walked around town while George went skiing. Luckily our last day we had clear skies and semi-soft snow conditions (I’ve ridden worse).

A quick note about the shirts George and I are wearing… Whenever I’m on a board I #ShredForBrad, one of my friends who suffered a serious wakeboard accident in 2014. The proceeds from shirt sales go to helping Brad’s recovery and spinal injury research. Whether it’s the top of Bachelor or buttery Lake Ronix, if I shred, I shred for Brad!

On my drive home I stopped in Shaniko, a ghost town in Oregon. Erected as a railroad town in 1900, Shaniko now holds a population of 30. Something about the snow and scenery made it impossible to pass up pictures. Who’s down for a road trip back this spring?

Shortly after taking these pictures, I accidentally drove 30 minutes east, spun out into a ditch, overflowed my gas pump by a lot then spent four hours trying to cross Snoqualmie Pass. But it’s a new year, so we don’t need to discuss those things.

♥ BB

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Watch Out For Trees

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Remember last week how I blogged about my mom skiing into a tree at Mt. Hood? Well here’s proof…

Mom is black and blue from her hip to her back, behind and ankles. I can’t believe how swollen her leg is. What looks like stretch marks are really Mom’s pant lines from where she blasted that tree. Mom is adamant that without a helmet she would’ve died. After seeing her bruising and swelling, I think she’s right.

Has anyone else suffered bruising like this? Do you have any suggestions for making the swelling/color go away faster? Props to Mom on her hardcore fall (she insisted on skiing the rest of the day) and gnarly bruise!

♥ BB

Mt. Hood for Mom’s Birthday

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Yesterday Mom and I went to Mt. Hood to celebrate her birthday. She’d never skied Hood and I couldn’t wait to show her what my favorite mountain is all about.

We got up before the sun to pack the car and get on the road. Hood is a bit of a trek from Tri-Cities but certainly worth the drive. We watched a picture perfect northwest sunrise and naturally stopped to take pictures before making our way up the mountain.

Fast forward about an hour… Mom and I are on our third run. I rode behind her since it’s easier than stopping every 50 yards to look up the hill. We approach a flat area so I say something about speeding up to wait for her after the hump. I cruise passed, post up and wait. And wait. And wait some more. Slightly annoyed and slightly worried, I unstrap and push up the hill. What do I spy? Mom in a tree well, skis off and clearly disoriented. My mom blasted a tree (and she’s a good skier!) with her thigh, then her head. I didn’t see her crash, but she swears without my helmet she would’ve been seriously injured if not dead.

Mom said she was ok and insisted on skiing, but looking back on her fall we should’ve just called it a day. Mom took two more nasty spills, which certainly didn’t help her hip or confidence. I rode switch all day, which is like learning to ride again, and with my steezy gear I probably looked like the biggest gaper ever. To top it off, the sun sunk behind the clouds and it started to rain.

We retired for the day and drove to Government Camp for food. Mom also wanted to see the infamous Timberline Lodge, as featured in The Shining. I took a few photos but definitely want to photograph the lodge again in the summer. It’s gorgeous. “Here’s Johnny!”

Mom and I got back to our hotel in Hood River and I instantly passed out. I’m bummed, I really wanted to take a night shot from our deck. Our room overlooked the Columbia River and would’ve made for great photos. Sorry, apparently I wanted 15 hours of sleep instead…

It’s a good thing I rested up because Mom didn’t look or feel so hot this morning. Her hip swelled to the size of a softball and she has a bruise for the record books. It runs from her waist to her knee. Talk about gnarly. Mom felt nauseous, started to sweat, got the chills, then barfed her guts out in the bathroom. Concussion anyone? Welcome to Hood Mom. Please don’t let this deter you from coming back!!

Weather and injuries aside, Mom and I had a great time. We always do. My mom is one of my best travel companions. This is just another journey on our list. Something tells me it will be a more memorable trip, even if she didn’t remember parts of it. Happy birthday mom!

♥ BB

Photo of the Day: Day Two Hundred Eighty

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Happy birthday Mom! I love you!!

Turning 45, right? :]

♥ BB

Photo of the Day: Day Two Hundred Seventy Five

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

They’re here!

After years of waiting, I finally bought new snowboard boots. I’ve been wearing the worst boots for the past five years. They’re stiff, don’t keep my heels down and have a horrible lacing system. Clearly I needed boots, but between injuries and living overseas, it seemed pointless to shell out big bucks on boots.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know my troubles finding women’s size-6, lace up snowboard boots. Even Portland, a snowboarders mecca, didn’t bring me luck. Heck, of the three stores I stopped by, zero had a size-6 in stock. The last shop I stopped in, Exit Real World, sold me on Nike snowboard boots. Unfortunately they didn’t carry my size, but their hospitality and good words about Nike convinced me to try on a size too big. Walking on air. Sold.

I’ve been breaking these bad boys in and plan to ride this week. I’ll keep you posted on their performance. Something tells me we’re going to have a long and happy relationship, which will be nice for a change. (wink)

♥ BB

*A huge THANK YOU to Liberty Board Shop for their awesome customer service, quick processing and speedy delivery. I will certainly shop with them again and you should too!