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Shred For Brad — Two Years Later

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016



Two years ago my friend Brad suffered a life-changing wakeboard injury. The crash paralyzed him from the neck down. Faced with a long road to recovery and mounting medical bills, his parents and the wakeboard community came together to #ShredForBrad.

Brad is one of the kindest, funniest and nicest people I know. His optimistic outlook on life is inspiring and every time I see him (well, FaceTime him) he’s smiling. The Brad Smeele Foundation sells t-shirts (like the one I’m wearing) with 100 percent of the proceeds going towards Brad’s care.

So while today might be #ShredForBrad day, every time I ride I shred for Brad!

♥ BB

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Lake Sammamish Birthday Sets

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Bess Byers Lake Sammamish

Birthday Sets > Birthday Sex

What better way to ring in my 29th rotation around the sun than with an epic birthday set on Lake Sammamish?

The boating crew braved frigid temps to throw down on what Seattleites considered a warm day. John, Eddie and Chelsea hit the wake hard. I broke my bindings last summer (I need an upgrade from the ’04 Mavens I’m riding) so stuck to surfing.

While this marked one of my more mellow birthdays, and the last of my 20’s, I couldn’t have spent it with a better group of people. Thank you again to everyone who made this day (and wave) so stinkin’ special. Stay tuned, because the weather is warming up and the wake will only get bigger!

♥ BB

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To Bend and Back

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016






Mom Bend

Shred for Brad








My mom and George invited me to Bend, Oregon for their annual New Years Eve ski trip. With a season like ours, how could I not? I hadn’t been to Bend since College. Plus George and Mom are two of my favorite people to ride with. Invite accepted.

One of my favorite things about Bend and back is the drive. The Pacific Northwest is speckled with rundown old farm towns towns and dilapidated buildings. They’re so remote, it’s an eerie quiet when you step out to take pictures. The church especially gave me chills, as I didn’t dare venture into the abandoned hospital (or whatever it was) behind it.

Mom, George and I had so much fun skiing, eating and drinks with friends, we didn’t take many photos in Bend (beside iPhone pics). Our first day the mountain closed early due to extreme winds and crazy frigid temperatures. The next day Mom and I walked around town while George went skiing. Luckily our last day we had clear skies and semi-soft snow conditions (I’ve ridden worse).

A quick note about the shirts George and I are wearing… Whenever I’m on a board I #ShredForBrad, one of my friends who suffered a serious wakeboard accident in 2014. The proceeds from shirt sales go to helping Brad’s recovery and spinal injury research. Whether it’s the top of Bachelor or buttery Lake Ronix, if I shred, I shred for Brad!

On my drive home I stopped in Shaniko, a ghost town in Oregon. Erected as a railroad town in 1900, Shaniko now holds a population of 30. Something about the snow and scenery made it impossible to pass up pictures. Who’s down for a road trip back this spring?

Shortly after taking these pictures, I accidentally drove 30 minutes east, spun out into a ditch, overflowed my gas pump by a lot then spent four hours trying to cross Snoqualmie Pass. But it’s a new year, so we don’t need to discuss those things.

♥ BB

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Yacht Surf Sunday

Monday, October 19th, 2015












While the Seahawks sink, Seattleites have turned to other forms of Sunday entertainment. Last weekend we stepped up our game and went yacht surfing.

My friend Rob recently bought a 40-something-foot yacht, so when extended the invite (thank you Patryk!), I ditched Sunday blogging for board sports. If there’s a wave, these guys (and gals) will ride it.

Fall riding has always been a favorite and days like this remind me why. Most boats have been winterized, which means glassier water. The weather is crisp so riders are committed. Plus orange leaves make for pretty pictures.

Surfing this behemoth wave I felt like a boss. When I first learned to wakeboard, I asked my ex about wakesurfing. He said I wouldn’t get it because I “don’t understand the concept of pressure.” Needless to say, that relationship didn’t work. Also needless to say, I “understand the concept of pressure.” Whatever that means.

Major thanks to Rob for the tow, and everyone else for being an awesome crew. Now how do we top yacht surfing!?

♥ BB

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Six Months in Seattle

Thursday, October 1st, 2015


















Today marks six months since I moved to Seattle.

I can’t believe it’s been half a year since I left LA. Wasn’t I just packing my apartment, like, yesterday? Time has flown by, and it’s no surprise when I reflect on the last 180-something days.

Our garden has grown from five employees to 25. I’ve hiked foggy Cascades and ridden the glassy Columbia. My dad visited the warehouse. My mom visited the warehouse. I trolled socialists at a Bernie Sanders rally. We spent a weekend at La Push and smoked out Slightly Stoopid. I solo hiked Lake Blanca, watched a lunar eclipse from Mt. Pilchuck and even with a six year break, can still throw down behind a boat. Did I mention I’m selling tons (or pounds) of cannabis? Yeah, that too.

I’ve felt solitude, success, indecision and excitement. Seattle isn’t what I expected, even as a northwest native, yet I’m not upset about it. Business is booming, the industry is changing and I’m writing one helluva chapter in my life story.

From Seattle to SoCal, thank you to friends and family who’ve been so supportive. Stay tuned…

♥ BB

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