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Oh Hey, LA

Friday, September 11th, 2015















Oh hey LA, it feels good to be back.

I spent an extended Labor Day in Los Angeles and it felt like I never left.

Polly picked me up Thursday from LAX and we went straight to Tatsu. Starving from work and a flight, I’d been craving my usual Hippie Ramen with extra corn. It hit the spot. After a little girl talk we passed out in prep for a looooong weekend.

Friday morning we worked at my favorite Abbott Kinney spot, Intelligentsia and scoped the usual crowd of models, actors, creatives and aspiring-somethings. We met my friend Leco at the skatepark to catch up and I spotted a few familiar faces. Venice Beach felt nostalgic, as I remembered my Horizon days. The house still looks like people smoke crack and shit in the driveway, so I guess some things don’t change…

A typical Friday in Venice Beach means a gathering a Guigo’s (and Alyssa’s too!) followed by drinks with friends at James Beach, so that’s what we did. I ran into a couple CrossFitters and Cougs, so deemed Friday night a success.

Saturday morning Polly taught piano, so I met a political friend Peter for brunch. He’s a fellow freedom fighter and supporter of AGE, so great to turn online connections into real world action.

Saturday afternoon meant six hours at the Olympic Spa with Val, followed by (another round of) Tatsu. This time I also ordered the Wagyu burger, because that’s what you do after a detox.

Saturday night Polly, Val and I met friends DTLA at King Eddy’s. Per LA fashion, we ran into other friends as well, and danced the night away.

No holiday weekend is complete without Rhonda. Look at the Facebook photos. Enough said.

Post-Rhonda we ate ramen. Yes, a third ramen trip. We tried another spot, Urban Ramen, which gave Tatsu a run for its money, then called it a night.

Monday morning Val and I hiked Runyon, ate acai bowls and beautified for Wavy. We Uber’d to Hotel Figueroa for one final hurray with friends from The Well and DimMak.

We wrapped an unforgettable weekend with eyelash extensions (Val is ah-maz-ing) and some animal style.

And just like that, I was in and out.

Thanks to all my LA friends who made this one for the record books. I miss you like cray and will be back again soon.

♥ BB

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A Weekend Without Reception

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015













This weekend was one for the record books, and we didn’t have reception to Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook it. In fact, a weekend without reception is what made this one for the books. I tagged along with Bri, Matt, Western Cultured and friends for a few nights in La Push, on the Olympic Peninsula.

I first heard of La Push in Twilight (don’t go there, it helped get me through homesickness in China), so when extended an invite, I got my hashtag search on. This place is photo paradise, so count me in.

Daily activities included laying in the sun, catching waves, taking photos, rolling joints, hikes, cooking fish, listening to music and making conversation. The scenery was straight out of a movie. Such good energy and no social media, does this exist in 2015? LA I miss you, but maybe not so much anymore…

Still new to Seattle, in transition and living the startup life, my social life has been slim. I felt especially appreciative of such a great crew. It felt good to get off the grid and get back to my roots.

More importantly, it felt good to get back to humanity. If you haven’t tried it recently, turn your phone off. Talk to your neighbor. Ask questions. Tell a joke. Make eye contact. It’s more fulfilling than likes on the Internet.

Thank you everyone for such a great weekend. Lets get off the grid again soon.

♥ BB

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Father’s Day Recap

Monday, June 22nd, 2015






A couple snaps from my day with Dad. He gave some really good advice.

“Life isn’t all about money, life is about being happy.”

♥ BB

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CrossFit x Paleo

Thursday, November 20th, 2014


Is this my camera face or am I just really in love with CrossFit?

Click here for the answer!

♥ BB

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Set to Bake

Friday, November 14th, 2014










I love seeing the progress of MADE by DWC, and our baked goods are no exception. MADE recently started a program called Set to Bake.

Every morning our ladies fresh bake scones, muffins and cookies to be sold in the MADE Cafe. As with any business, we encountered a few difficulties during startup. I remember receiving the morning baked goods. Some tasted burnt, others oddly shaped or falling apart. Mornings turned into us eating the unsellable baked goods.

Fast forward a few months. Our recipes perfected, the ladies work hard to bake the best pastries every morning. The sweet orange cranberry scone is my personal favorite (sweet tooth) but if you’re looking for something savory, the pesto scone is great too. If you’re in the market for muffins, might I recommend blueberry.

What I love most about MADE is the empowerment women feel from gaining job skills. The stories I hear remind me the importance of giving back. We are all a community. Let’s use our talents to come together, inspire each other and make a difference.

Click here to follow my journey at MADE, starting from day one. I can’t believe I’ve been here over three and a half years. MADE Cafe is hands down the happiest place on Skid Row.

To all my DTLA peeps, make sure to stop by MADE for the best baked goods in town. They’re fresh daily, unlike Starbucks’ that are frozen and dry. (take that you corporate giant) Most importantly, Thursdays are Cookie Thursdays. Get any cookie for $1. If you follow us on Twitter and mention the secret word, you get a small coffee or tea for free!

♥ BB

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