A Weekend Without Reception

August 25th, 2015 , Bess













This weekend was one for the record books, and we didn’t have reception to Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook it. In fact, a weekend without reception is what made this one for the books. I tagged along with Bri, Matt, Western Cultured and friends for a few nights in La Push, on the Olympic Peninsula.

I first heard of La Push in Twilight (don’t go there, it helped get me through homesickness in China), so when extended an invite, I got my hashtag search on. This place is photo paradise, so count me in.

Daily activities included laying in the sun, catching waves, taking photos, rolling joints, hikes, cooking fish, listening to music and making conversation. The scenery was straight out of a movie. Such good energy and no social media, does this exist in 2015? LA I miss you, but maybe not so much anymore…

Still new to Seattle, in transition and living the startup life, my social life has been slim. I felt especially appreciative of such a great crew. It felt good to get off the grid and get back to my roots.

More importantly, it felt good to get back to humanity. If you haven’t tried it recently, turn your phone off. Talk to your neighbor. Ask questions. Tell a joke. Make eye contact. It’s more fulfilling than likes on the Internet.

Thank you everyone for such a great weekend. Lets get off the grid again soon.

♥ BB

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2 Responses to “A Weekend Without Reception”

  1. Wil says:

    The sea bass look delicious! And, the milky way shot is outstanding. What a beautiful place! I’m way, way jealous.

  2. Danny says:

    One late evening a couple years ago, in the middle of a well-known neon-infused desert, I hopped on a city bus that had been converted to a beautiful, moving work of art. I climbed on to the roof where a large dance party was taking place – my friends were still on desert floor inspecting the bus. The bus began to drive off into the pitch black abyss leaving my friends and I separated. I began to slightly panic and immediately start questioning a semi-nude man with a large afro:

    Me: “Where are we going?”
    Afro-man: “Over there.” [Points to deep desert, seemingly miles away]

    Me: “What time is it?”
    Afro-man: “It’s now.”

    Me: “What time will we get back?”
    Afro-man: “When we do.”

    By the third question, I understood what he was getting at. Despite the silliness of the situation, it was a memorable occasion to simply celebrate the present in raw form. There were no phones to take pics, no Ubers to arrange, no text messages to respond to. Acknowledging the now – being with who I was with, doing what I was doing and doing it where I was at – that’s all there was to it. We danced for hours under the stars and met a lot of awesome people before stumbling into my friends before sunrise…

    With that special evening in mind, I like to leave my phone behind on trips with friends — because, why not? Who else do I need to be talking to? What do I need to be talking to them about? Those moments where you feel like you have everything and everyone you want around you, cherish them.

    Our environments were a tad bit different, though, this post really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing your experience and La Push looks fantastic, I hope to visit it sometime.


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