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Vance Creek Overflow

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015













We shot so many phenomenal photos for Western Cultured‘s Vance Creek Editorial, I wanted to post a little overflow.

Thank you again Chrysta Colburn of Fauxy Furr Vintage for styling, and thank you to my four models for fifteen hours of photos, unexpected hiking and adventure.

Make sure to scope the full editorial here.

This is without a doubt my most elaborate shoot. We plan (hope!) to shoot these concepts quarterly. How can I outdo Vance Creek Bridge!?

♥ BB

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Pipe + Row

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015












What’s a girl to do when she’s new to town, crushed sales goals and has nothing to wear? Go shopping. Where does this girl go if she wants modern yet wearable clothes? Pipe + Row.

This trendy Fremont boutique is owned by fellow Coug alum Kayla Boehme. I remember Kayla from PR classes. She made casual look cool. So when I heard about her shop, knew she’d have the goods.

Pipe + Row is perfect for career women who crave comfort. I love their selection of chunky sweaters, slouchy trousers and basic T’s. The interior decor is reminiscent of my favorite LA spot, The Well. Plus they carry similar styles, which makes me feel a little closer to SoCal.

Seattle’s got a reputation for REI jackets and Teva sandals. Luckily this fashionista found the Emerald City’s fashion gem. Pipe + Row, you’ll see a lot more of me! Or at least my paycheck…

♥ BB

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Yacht Surf Sunday

Monday, October 19th, 2015












While the Seahawks sink, Seattleites have turned to other forms of Sunday entertainment. Last weekend we stepped up our game and went yacht surfing.

My friend Rob recently bought a 40-something-foot yacht, so when extended the invite (thank you Patryk!), I ditched Sunday blogging for board sports. If there’s a wave, these guys (and gals) will ride it.

Fall riding has always been a favorite and days like this remind me why. Most boats have been winterized, which means glassier water. The weather is crisp so riders are committed. Plus orange leaves make for pretty pictures.

Surfing this behemoth wave I felt like a boss. When I first learned to wakeboard, I asked my ex about wakesurfing. He said I wouldn’t get it because I “don’t understand the concept of pressure.” Needless to say, that relationship didn’t work. Also needless to say, I “understand the concept of pressure.” Whatever that means.

Major thanks to Rob for the tow, and everyone else for being an awesome crew. Now how do we top yacht surfing!?

♥ BB

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Instagram Ignores States’ Rights

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Western Cultured Canceled

Last Monday I logged into Instagram like any other, but what I found left my stomach in knots. Instagram deleted Western Cultured‘s account without any explanation. Moreover, the app glitched up making it impossible to file an appeal.

After serious tears and a coffee run, I pulled it together to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I’m writing this blog because I’ve yet to hear from Instagram and believe they should respect states’ rights to #LetUsGrow.

Western Cultured is a branding company for a legally recognized i502 recreational cannabis producer in Washington State. Our page featured legally grown cannabis plants, adults 21+ and included a disclaimer. All content on our page is owned by Western Cultured (and produced by moi). We did not use our page to sell cannabis, promote underage smoking or irresponsible cannabis use.

Instagram has picked favorites and chosen to delete some pages, while keeping others. (Side note: we love all cannabis pages and don’t want any others removed!) The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board even recommended we create the Western Cultured brand to avoid conflicts like this.

Alas, Instagram ignores states rights, and they’ve written it into their terms. “Buying or selling illegal drugs (even if it’s legal in your region), as well as promoting recreational drug use, is not allowed.”

Facebook-owned Instagram is a progressive, open-minded company, which is why I’m baffled at their decision to censor pages that promote cannabis. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. Four states plus DC have legalized it for recreational use. Recreational cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry and Washington State alone generated over $100 million in tax revenue since i502’s inception.

The time and effort of the last six months, to not only gain followers but build relationships, has been stolen from me. Poof. Vanished into cyberspace. Instagram isn’t just about photos and likes, it’s about sharing moments and building brands. With time, recreational cannabis brands will parallel those like Budweiser, Coca-Cola or Marlboro. We are on the ground floor of a budding industry, which is why platforms like Instagram are so vital to establishing our brand.

It’s uncertain why our page was targeted. We didn’t have nearly the followers of other accounts (although a 1:13 ratio is dang good!) and an organic High Times repost resulted in major page growth. Coincidentally, the night before our page deletion, I privately IG messaged a friend about my job and suggested he check out our page. Is Instagram using algorithms to monitor chats? I don’t know. Some speculate industry competition reported our page, which I hope isn’t true (hello, bad karma). If it is, we’re doing something right, and we’ll be back with a vengeance.

For now, it feels like a bad breakup. Every day I check our page, hopeful it’s been reactivated. My heart needs time to heal (AKA I’m waiting on that BBB complaint) and with time I might create a new account, but nothing will compare to @westerncultured. I’m always one to light up the moment, but for now, the flame of my creativity has been put out.

I’m looking at you Mark Zuckerberg.

p.s. If anyone has a contact at Facebook or Instagram, please message me ASAP.

♥ BB

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Six Months in Seattle

Thursday, October 1st, 2015


















Today marks six months since I moved to Seattle.

I can’t believe it’s been half a year since I left LA. Wasn’t I just packing my apartment, like, yesterday? Time has flown by, and it’s no surprise when I reflect on the last 180-something days.

Our garden has grown from five employees to 25. I’ve hiked foggy Cascades and ridden the glassy Columbia. My dad visited the warehouse. My mom visited the warehouse. I trolled socialists at a Bernie Sanders rally. We spent a weekend at La Push and smoked out Slightly Stoopid. I solo hiked Lake Blanca, watched a lunar eclipse from Mt. Pilchuck and even with a six year break, can still throw down behind a boat. Did I mention I’m selling tons (or pounds) of cannabis? Yeah, that too.

I’ve felt solitude, success, indecision and excitement. Seattle isn’t what I expected, even as a northwest native, yet I’m not upset about it. Business is booming, the industry is changing and I’m writing one helluva chapter in my life story.

From Seattle to SoCal, thank you to friends and family who’ve been so supportive. Stay tuned…

♥ BB

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