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Bomber Pride – Class of ’05

Monday, July 20th, 2015









On Saturday Richland High’s class of ’05 traded in their green and gold for summer wear and solo cups to celebrate our ten year reunion.

The poolside BBQ came together pretty last-minute, but you wouldn’t guess it from the turnout. Over 50 alumni got together to catch up, chow down and make memories with friends new and old.

I’ve been told Facebook killed the high school reunion, but there’s something exponentially better about getting together IRL over the Interwebz. What I enjoyed most about the reunion is reconnecting with people I didn’t really know in high school. I’ve also heard ten year reunions can still be cliquey, but I didn’t feel it a bit. Everyone, myself included, has grown up, so for the alumni too cool to attend (you know who you are) we hope you’ll make it to the 20!

A huge thank you to Kevin for hosting the BBQ, and thank you so much for everyone who came out. We might be ten years older and living around the country, but it’s apparent we’ve still got that Bomber pride!

♥ BB

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Beasting Blanca Lake

Monday, July 6th, 2015





It’s July 5, 7:25 AM. Last night’s partygoers are passed out across the living room floor. My head is pounding. I need a breakfast burrito. No excuses, I’m hiking Blanca Lake.

A Gatorade, breakfast burrito and call from my best friend later, I mobbed Highway 2 in search of Blanca Lake’s trailhead. I arrived around 10, to a packed parking lot and (still) pounding head. Despite being in the woods, temperatures scorched around 90. Couple that with a steep incline, and last night’s Fireball oozed out my pores.

Within the first few switchbacks I met two hikers from Tacoma. Nice to know I wasn’t the only one struggling up the mountain.


Almost three hours, 3.5 miles up and 3500 feet later, we reached beautiful Blanca Lake, and yes, it’s as blue in person. Across the lake you could see waterfalls and the geology of this place… Well it rocked. (Science joke, get it?)

I got back to my car around 5 and felt this weird sense of girl power. I planned to hike Blanca Lake, and I did. At times I thought about turning back, but we all know that wouldn’t happen. I splurged on a bacon burger and milkshake for the drive home, already planning next week’s adventure.

TBH, this is the happiest I’ve been in weeks. I really miss Los Angeles. I miss my friends, I miss the events and I miss the beach. But the Pacific Northwest is fun, it’s just a different kind of fun. Get ready for car camping, because this girl’s gone exploring.

♥ BB

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Hometown Throw Down

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015






After five years off the water, it felt good to have a hometown throw down.

Tri-Cities temps soared to 114 last weekend, so we beat the heat and hit the river. Summer 2008 was my last serious shred sesh, and it resulted in a torn ACL and herniated disk. Needless to say, I felt slight nerves strapping in.

But those didn’t last long. I charged my second cut in and cleared the wake like it was yesterday. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, catching air or seeing the looks on the guys’ faces that I could still ride. Like I said boys, “I’m baaaaaack!”

Thank you Matt for the tow and Casey for taking photos (and not dropping my camera in the river!). I’ll be back in a few weeks, and looking forward to chase boat photos!

Side note: I’m riding an ’04 board… Which is kind of like riding a brick. Any suggestions for a new setup? I’ve been eyeing this Ronix gem.

♥ BB

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