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YYZ – LAX: A Higher Contemplation

Friday, August 29th, 2014







What a blast shooting The High Contemplation‘s most recent collection, YYZ – LAX.

The inspiration for YYZ-LAX is mainly inspired by Chris, their designer’s, first trip to California last year. He was blown away by the creativity and livelihood of LA’s culture and lifestyle. He wanted to vivify The High Contemplation in the same way. All their gear is manufactured in LA, then shipped to Toronto for printing, hence the “YYZ-LAX” name.

So where did We.R.Wolves come from? Wolves are survivors and move in packs, but they’re also individualistic thinkers. Chris has been fascinated by them ever since he was a kid. Wolves are extremely loyal, intelligent and free spirited creatures. We.R.Wolves is a play on words for werwolves, and is meant to represent those individuals who embody that wolf-like mentality.

I connected with the THC crew via Instagram and enjoy collabs with them. Ivan and I shot in Venice last year, and Chris contributed his art one of my political posts. It’s so fun when Internet friends become IRL friends. Who doesn’t like to combine their talents?

Also, a big thank you to Y-R-U for providing shoes for this shoot!

♥ BB

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Friend Crush Friday with Anne Marie

Friday, August 29th, 2014





My friend Anne Marie is hot. Smoking hot. Like, I SnapChat or Instagram her, and guys hit me about about my friend hot. Not only is Anne Marie banging, she’s got a badass personality and a heart of gold. It’s why I’m dedicating this Friday to my fine friend Anne Marie.

I met this blonde bombshell at Lil Death two summers ago. Rolling to the party solo, I could relate and took her under my wing. Fast forward to 2014, she’s fresh to LA. Maybe she took a little relocation advice from Mama Byers, went home and packed after her last trip to town.

We spent Sunday skinny dipping, and once golden hour hit, I had to pop a few shots. Sometimes I forget I can take photos. Having a hot friend always helps make for impeccable images.

Welcome to lovely Los Angeles Anne Marie. Can’t wait to see you crush it in California!

♥ BB

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Daikoku Sushi

Thursday, August 28th, 2014








After a few beers, and some serious silver purchases, Gasper at Bling Bling suggested we check out Daikoku for dinner. He said they’re a new spot in Cabo with the best fish at unbeatable prices. Mom and I, always up for an adventure, took his referral, and we’re glad we did.

We started our meal with a little wine and a bowl of miso soup. I love miso and order it whenever I get sushi. This is without a doubt, the best miso I’ve ever tried. Delicious broth, lots of seaweed, big chunks of tofu and even a few potatoes.

We ordered salmon and tuna sashimi to kick off the main course, followed by a few rolls. They brought several sauces to add to our sushi, which added an extra kick. Our favorite rolls are the Tempura Roll, Eclipse Roll and the Nippon Roll. We struggled with which ones to order, because everything on the menu looked so good.

In Cabo and craving sushi? Make sure to stop by Daikoku. They’re located at Boulevard Marina Col. Centro en el interior de Plaza Nautica junto a joyerías. Ask for Paul, he’s the best server. If you like wine, and can appreciate a good cellar, ask to see theirs. It’s unreal, and even home to a few Washington wines.

Still on the fence about this sushi spot? Just know that Mom and I came back the very next night, Daikoku is that good.

♥ BB

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Booty Love to Boutine LA

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014






Showing some serious Hump Day love to my favorite bootylicious bikini, Boutine LA.

Not sure if it’s the CrossFit, Brazilian friends or trips to Mexico, but I set my summer sights on an itsy, bitsy bikini. Thanks to Instagram, I discovered Boutine LA and am hooked on their suits.

I love the minimal coverage of the bottoms yet the sporty style of the top. A perfect combination for a Venice beach bum like myself. I’m sure the boys don’t mind either… Ha!

If you’re in the market for a bangin’ bikini, definitely check out Boutine LA. I’m pretty hard on my suits, but this beauty has held up from the U.S. Open to the craziness of Cabo. I might even add a second or third Boutine to my bikini collection.

Tan lines, it’s been real. Time to bronze my buns in the sun!

♥ BB

*Major shoutout to my mom for taking these photos. Talk about the ultimate blogger companion! Love you!! xo

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Cougs in Cancun

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014








From college to Seattle to Chelan to San Diego and now to Cancun, Jordan and I have fun. What lady could resist an extra few days in the sun with great company?

The first night in Cancun, we attended Jordan’s work function (the purpose of the trip). After an open bar, reception and dance club, I lost my phone. Meh. It’s just a phone, right? Well, that’s what I kept telling myself…

Day two we spent poolside and beachside. I wish I’d taken more photos. The water in Cancun is so beautifully blue. I couldn’t believe it. We rented a jet ski and cruised around. At one point I stopped to jump in. So much fun, I’m still kicking myself for not figuring out my GoPro beforehand.

The last full day we woke up around 6:30 am to catch our bus to Chichen-Itza. The day started out scorching hot. Like you just stood there and dripped sweat. By the time we arrived to the ruins, the clouds rolled in and it started to thunder. Then it started to downpour. Some people tried to stay dry, but I embraced the weather. I guess in Mayan civilizations they sacrificed humans to the gods to bring rain. No human sacrifices today. We finished our day by swimming in a cenote, an astroid crater filled with water. The water felt pretty chilly, and when we asked, they said the water was 180 feet deep (or something crazy like that). A three hour bus ride home, then it was room service and beer while watching lightning on the deck.

What a fun few days, even with a lost cell phone. Shout out to the resort for whatever stomach bug kept me skinny. Thank you again to Jordan for the invite. Two Cougs in Cancun is a guaranteed great time!

♥ BB

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