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Wear Me Out

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013





Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s easy to fall off the fitness bandwagon. Luckily Wear Me Out offers fun and flattering workout apparel, that will motivate you to the gym throughout the holiday season.

Wear Me Out launched in 2008, inspired by the workout sensation Tae Bo, and lives by the mantra “sweat to live, live to play.” Their line features everything from sports bras and leggings to tees and maxi skirts. Upcoming holiday colors include Evergreen, Blue Ice, Acaii and Sundried Tomato. My personal favorite when it comes to workout apparel? Black.

I love how Wear Me Out sucks everything in. Their spandex is thick, unlike other apparel I’ve tried. It’s high quality and perfect for fitness meets function.

You can purchase Wear Me Out online, or at Cardio Barre gyms and select pilates and yoga studios nationwide.

Now if you don’t mind, after a good gym sesh I feel a little less guilty eating a few more Halloween sweets.

♥ BB


The Dos and Don’ts of Instagram

Thursday, October 24th, 2013


My friend Kate recently joined Instagram. She asked who to follow, how hashtags work and suggestions for posts. With any social network (Instagram now has 130 million users) there are bound to be unspoken social norms. After my stint in China, I wrote “10 Things I Hate About Facebook.” Since Facebook ruined purchased Instagram, I found it only fitting to write the unspoken do’s and don’ts. Instagrammers, this post is for you.

1. DON’T: follow-to-unfollow – We all know that person. They mass follow, only to unfollow. It’s a feeble attempt to increase one’s followers-to-following ratio. You followed an hour ago, I followed you back, and now you unfollowed me? The only thing worse than a follow-to-unfollow, is when this person re-adds you… Then re-unfollows you.

2. DO: friend and talk to strangers – Instagram has amazing users. Get to know them. The local skater boy who keeps liking and commenting pictures? Follow back. That fashion blogger whose street style you envy? Tell her you’re inspired. Some of the best friendships started as Internet friendships. My friend Keaten even met his wife through Instagram. Be wary though. As a victim of catfishing, if someone is too good to be true, they probably are. Listen to your gut, and if you meet someone from the Internet, do it in public. (duh)

3. DON’T: private profiles – Privacy is dead. Everything you post is saved on a server. If your life is so important you have to hide from “haters” get off the Web. Be proud of your pictures. If you’re still debating a private profile, remember these three letters: NSA.

4. DO: hashtag… In moderation – #This #shit #is #really #annoying. Not to mention desperate. A few hashtags to promote pics is acceptable, (notably #FoodPorn, #ShoePorn and #SelfieNation) but seven lines of hashtags is hard to follow. Also, when using hashtags, make sure they apply to the photo posted. #Graffiti, #Shoes and #Cats on a food photo looks like another feeble attempt to gain likes and followers.

5. DON’T: overdo it – Whether it’s too many kid, cat, dog, drunk, drug, slutty, skinny, selfie, street art, Jesus, fitness, relationship, meme or my-life-is-so-great photos, there is an overkill. Proceed with caution. You don’t want to be that person.

6. DO: reciprocate – Thank people who follow you. Let’s be honest, Instagram is the most self-absorbed social media site. Unless you’re Justin Bieber, you take notice when people consistently like and comment pics. Take a few minutes to thank them, even if it’s with just a “like.”

7. DON’T: post photos you didn’t take – Without giving proper photo credit anyway. If you re-post a photo, hashtag #repost and link to the source if known. One follower recently posted my photo and gave users the impression she took it. It got lots of positive feedback. I liked “her” photo. She then deleted it. Avoid awkward moments. Give credit where credit is due.

8. DO: post quality photos – So what if you don’t Instagram daily? Quality over quantity gets followers. The Internet is already over-saturated with crap. A pixelated bikini pic looks thirsty. A picture of car keys with a paragraph how you couldn’t bring them into the courthouse is pointless. 4,725 Instagram pictures for a personal account is narcissistic.

9. DON’T: buy followers – 12k followers and averaging 30 likes per photo is a painfully obvious indicator one bought followers. People who buy followers, are you aware of this? In my opinion, it’s worse than having a low followers-to-following ratio. Purchased followers reiterates the psychological obsession our generation has with online presence. Life success is not always measured by Instagram followers.

10. DO: take criticism – If you post a #thinspo pic and followers tell you to eat, it’s what you asked for. Not all feedback is positive. Not all critics are “haters.” Instead of bitching people out (insecure much?) take the criticism as a way to improve your images.

11. DON’T: post videos – Take that to Vine. I’ve seen very few Instagram videos worth the 15 seconds. If you must post an IG vid, make it count. If you like Instagram videos, follow my friend and talented filmmaker Guigo.

12. DO: use good judgement – Drinking and driving? Partying with a newborn on the boat? Driving with your kid on your lap? Just purchased a ton of blow? These are all things not to post on Instagram (and I’ve seen them all), unless you want a visit from authorities. Use good judgement. If it would get you in legal trouble, it doesn’t belong on Instagram.

13. DON’T: like your own photos – One friend compared it to the points you get for writing your name on the SATs. You obviously liked the photo. You posted it.

14. DON’T: get into fights over Instagram – Or any social media for that matter. If Instagram leads to relationship insecurities, it’s a sign you shouldn’t be together.

15. DO: realize it’s the Internet – Our generation (myself included) loves social media. Older generations might call us obsessed. How much money has Instagram earned you? Does your date want you posting your meal? Is Instagram worth the stress, shit talking and self-consciousness for a photo sharing website? Has communication turned into a narcissistic, self-gloating kind of “like”? A recent Forbes article estimated social media will be dead in another five to ten years. When that happens, what will we have to show? Instagram is awesome, but sometimes we need a reminder. Remove the hipster filter. Appreciate life for what it is. Even 100 “likes” can’t top reality.

*Once again, photo is for illustrative purposes only. Images were staged as obvious don’ts for this post. “Drugs” aren’t real.

♥ BB


It’s OK Cupid

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013



Last month Mom got married. During dinner, Uncle Joe asked why I’m single in a sea of men. I broke it out by numbers. One-fourth of LA men are taken, one-fourth are gay and one-fourth are sleaze balls. This leaves a remaining quarter to choose from. Of that bunch, half (so one-eighth the total man/pie chart) are weird as Hell. You’re left with a potentially compatible remaining eighth. Between work, work outs and personal preferences, finding Mr. Right is near impossible. Grandma Bess chimed in, “Why don’t you try a dating site?” So I did.

I joined OK Cupid (OKC). Not my finest hour, but after a few glasses of wine and a witty profile, what did I have to lose? It’s free. I’ve heard interesting stories. Bring on the boys men.

While a few bad dates left me with headaches, nothing compares to a recent heartache. In return for opening up, Cupid shot his arrow smack dab in my pulmonary valve. Bleeding emotions, and almost too teary-eyed to type, I pulled out that arrow and started to write.

After our first date, I told girlfriends I’m putting myself out there. I’ve opened up. No holds barred. This guy is getting the real Bess. If I get hurt, I’ve given it my all.

For a microcosm, I felt it. I felt loved. A man who gets my door, makes dinner reservations, holds my face while kissing, stares passionately into my eyes, says I’m beautiful, reads my blogs and hates TSA almost as much as I do. Do these men really exist in LA? Yes. Is this secretly a reality dating movie!? It could be.

I might be heartbroken, but I wouldn’t trade these feelings for the world. For such a cynic, he broke down my barriers. He made me see decent men do exist. Never settle for something less. If you’re the one-percent (thanks Candace), look for a partner who is too. Whether it’s politics, travel, sports or exclusivity you crave, don’t cave. Ultimate happiness is attainable. Somewhere, someday, someone will want to give you the world.

Sorry gossip hounds. Out of respect I won’t spill why such powerful emotions suddenly tanked. Like word vomit, I spoke honestly. Here’s what I need. Here’s where I’ll give. How I articulated such thoughts is beyond me. The ball is now in his court. I’m dancing on the sidelines.

So where does this leave me? Puffy-eyed and in bed. The cat keeps rubbing against my laptop. Like a sad movie, his aftershave lingers on my pillow. My heart hurts. The repeated phone check is in full effect. I have a million questions and maybe an ounce of denial, hoping this isn’t real. Bridget Jones, I feel you.

Sorrow aside, all hope isn’t lost. If anything, it’s renewed. It really is better to have loved and lost, than to never love at all. Maybe I’ll reactivate my profile in a couple weeks, but at least for now I’ll tell myself, “It’s OK Cupid, it’s OK.”

Anyone else apprehensive to open up? Suggestions for heartache? How about swollen eyes?

♥ BB

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Terry, Miley and Molly

Friday, October 4th, 2013


Miley Cyrus is high, on life, the music charts and drugs. In her latest attention grab, she poses topless for pervy photog Terry Richardson, in what looks like a tacky hotel iPhone photo shoot.

What sets this shoot apart from her other semi-nudes is the blatant display of drug use. Anyone who’s attend Coachella, Ultra, EDC, Burning Man, or similar shows, recognizes all-too-well those dilated pupils and clenched jaw. This girl is rolling (high on MDMA). Couldn’t Terry bother to edit out the redeye? Never mind the photos of her smoking a joint and cigarette simultaneously. We already knew she could multitask.

To middle America, Miley’s style is obscure, but in Los Angeles’ underground scene she comes across contrived. If Miley is going for the 90’s club kid, she’s a year behind on the raver shoe trend. At least she has a good wax to accompany that bodysuit.

The entire shoot’s concept is vile. What’s the story? Miley Cyrus hooks up with Terry Richardson while high in a last-ditch attempt to shock the media? Even Terry Richardson is getting bored with Terry Richardson.

This morning Miley retweeted Disney Words’, “You know whats good for you. Let your heart show you the way.” Maybe Miley’s heart can show her the way to an intervention.

Then there’s this picture of her tongue, confirming she needs to put it away, slow her roll and get tested.

♥ BB


MADE Resale Boutique

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013








As of last week, I am officially an on-call employee of the Downtown Women’s Center! I will be working at the MADE Cafe and MADE Resale Boutique two to three days a week.

Our MADE Resale Boutique, located on Los Angeles and 3rd, features vintage, contemporary and designer clothing, in addition to our handMADE items by the ladies of DWC.

The MADE Resale Boutique is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM. Since everything is donation based, prices are affordable for starving students through successful career women.

Cleaning your closet? Getting rid of samples? Unable to sell last season’s stuff? MADE gladly accepts donations, and they are tax deductible. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a red St. John skirt I’m dying to try on.

♥ BB