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Neil Favila x The Saguaro

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

The good times are killing me.

Click here to see our fun times, compliments of the talented Mr. Favila and his film.

♥ BB


Young and Sleek

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Wild and chic. Two weekends: zero digital photos. That’s right, almost everyone ditched their digis for film at Coachella. It’s like ’99 all over again.

Thank goodness my friend Rolando, of Young and Sleek had his Nikon. He snapped some photos of me, er… Feeling fun? I also snagged his lens for a few shots. Digital will have to tie me over until film gets developed. The anxiety is too much to bear, too many great shots!

Click here for more photos from Queen of the Desert and here to follow him on Twitter!

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Topless Paparazzi

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Spotted in SoHo.

It was nippily today.

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Open House Lofts NYC

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Excited about tonight’s loft photos!

I work in a spectacular space, and wanted new photos that represent our changing decor. High F-Stop, long exposure and an ISO of 400 made for crisp, rich photos.

Our place is perfect for meetings, creative workshops, focus groups, film/photo shoots, fashion showcases and other corporate events.

Interested in renting one of SoHo’s most amazing spaces? Click here for inquiries.

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Haven Spa Soho

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Between 60-hour weeks, life and sleep, time for personal maintenance is limited. With Coachella fast approaching, I needed to get swimsuit ready. No, I’m not talking bikini body, I’m talking, er… Bushwhacked.

Men, I’m going to warn you, proceed with caution. Ladies, you know what’s up.

There is nothing worse than a bad bikini line detracting from your designer suit. Let’s just say those Brazilian bottoms can make for a (pardon the pun) hairy situation. I just bought a bangin’ black little one-piece, so naturally needed to get pool party prepped. My co-worker suggested I check out Haven Spa, down the street from our office in SoHo, so I popped in Saturday morning to see for myself.

Haven is hidden away, making for the optimal retreat. Honestly, I missed the entrance when I first walked by. The decor is calming and staff are friendly. I’ll spare you the details, but will say my appointment was fast and well done. I mean really, how much do you need to know about full frontal, hot wax and pubic hair?*

Haven Spa gives all its new customers a little goodie bag, complete with face products, lotions and body scrubs. They also offer a rewards system, so every time you book appointments, buy products or refer friends, you earn discounts on future services. What I like most is the price point. Haven Spa is affordable without comprimising luxury service.

If you’re in New York City and in need of a wax, facial, mani, pedi or massage, you must check out Haven Spa on Mercer Street. Make sure to mention Bess sent you!

As for me? I’ll confidently be kicking it poolside this weekend, in my itty, bitty backless number. No hot shorts needed.

♥ BB

*Yes men, this is what women go through.