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Connected Fest – Spring 2012

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Words cannot express my sadness at missing this event. Not only will you score mega deals from LA’s hottest designers, you’re connecting for a cause. Make sure to bring canned food to support the local food bank!

Click here to see photos from last time. Click here to see the babes from last time.

Keeping connected from NYC! Love and miss you all!!

♥ BB


40 Day Dream

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Do I even need to explain?

I feel like the last 40 days have been a dream. Rhonda. Whitney’s death. Valentine’s Day. Grammy events. MADE. Mom’s visit. Going on two weeks in New York City

Missing my West Coast crew, but I don’t plan to wake up anytime soon. See you guys in dreamland, and hopefully on the best coast before Coachella.

♥ BB


Daniel’s Leather

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

I like leather, love fur, and loooooove American-made goods. Naturally when I walked into Daniel’s Leather I knew I would walk out with something.

I’ve eyed lamb fur jackets and vests for awhile now, so when I found my dream jacket, it took under an hour to bite the bullet and buy.

Daniel’s Leather opened their first store in 1992, and their Orchard Street store in ’95. They carry mink, fox, chinchilla, beaver, sable, coyote, raccoon, rabbit, and (my new jacket) Tibetan lamb. To ensure only the best, fur comes from Canada, Turkey, China and Scandinavia. Did I mention their jackets are made in America? Oh I did!! Good!!

Unlike typical fur retailers, Daniel’s Leather can customize or color your fur. They specialize in sizing, and can alter jackets from long to short, large to small. What about that extra fur? They’ll turn it into a hat or gloves. Like the jacket, loathe the color? Daniel’s Leather can dye fur to meet your needs. Worried about Lindsay Lohan stealing your jacket? They embroider as well.

Daniel’s sells quality products and has the clientele to prove it. Ruben Studdard, Ice-T, Neo, Cee Lo, Jagged Edge, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and numerous NBA players have all purchased goods from Daniel’s Leather. Stylists frequently pull from Daniel’s for music video and fashion shoots. Watch Law and Order? They even shot an episode here!

I am beyond thrilled with my purchase. Walking to work and back, I garner more than a few stares. I feel like a rockstar, model or (my personal favorite) business beezy. The copious compliments received (and I’ve only had him a week) certainly justify my splurge. From grocery shopping soccer moms and New York City transients, to rap video appearance offers and drunken guys petting me, it’s safe to say everybody loves Frank. Yes, I named my jacket.

If you’re looking to invest in quality leather or fur, you must check out Daniel’s Leather. Located at 130 Orchard Street, they’re in the heart of the Lower East Side. They also have stores in Minnesota and Alaska. Daniel’s website is still under construction, but give them a call at 212-674-8868 for inquiries. Nadeem, Lou, Tohid or David will be more than happy to help find your dream jacket and ship it worldwide.

As for Frank? He’s the most amazing coat I own. I know I’ll have this jacket forever. I hope someday my grandkids will stomp around New York City looking and feeling as fab as I do.

♥ BB


MADE Spring

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Third Saturday of every month, I’m here.

As always, if you follow me on Twitter and stop in, I’ll buy your drink.

♥ BB



Thursday, March 15th, 2012


If you’re in Los Angeles Friday night, you want to be here.

Feeling the beats from the Big Apple…

♥ BB