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Standard Saturday

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Between parties, pools and X Games, I didn’t take as many photos as I hoped, but did manage to snap a few at The Standard pool party on Saturday.

This candid gem is my shot of the weekend.

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

“Any colour – so long as it’s black.”
-Henry Ford

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

I met this fellow whilst photographing Black Banditz tonight. I’d say he can count a beat or two.

Flearock, or as I met him Oren, is an undeniably talented breakdancer. Seeing these videos got me thinking. I love dance. I love photography. Why not combine the two?

Photo visions are free flowing and I’m excited to put something together. Who knows, maybe I can pick up a few new 8-counts!?

On a totally unrelated note: meeting awesome people like Flearock is reason 9,572,053,204,137 why I moved to LA.

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Prayers for Eli

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

We received some sad news yesterday about a family friend who passed away. Eli, while small in stature, compensated in heart. Sending thoughts and prayers to his family, who now have an amazing angel to guide them.

♥ BB

*All my photos with Eli are on film. Maybe Mom can find one, scan it and send it over?


On April 4, 1989, God entrusted the imperfect body and perfect soul of Elijah John-Robert, to Kathy and Rob Barr. Early in life Eli was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and his parents were told he would live just a few years. However, through God’s amazing grace and the love and prayers of hundreds and hundreds of people, Eli survived two bone marrow transplants, a stem cell transplant, back surgery, and two heart surgeries. On July 23, 2011, our Lord received Eli’s soul in heaven after a heroic, but brief struggle with pneumonia, following aortic heart valve replacement surgery. He was full of energy that was firmly founded in love.

A member of the Richland Lutheran Church, Eli was an active, dedicated and faithful member of Jesus Christ’s legions. His faith in God was unwavering, continuous and present for all to witness. He had a special relationship with every member of his church, all of whom prayed many hours for him as he traveled through his short life. He particularly loved our Pastors Bill Martens, Steve Ernst and former Pastor Bill Voris, special friends Gretchen and Dave Isakson and Corrine Armstrong, who successfully prayed Eli through his many life challenges. None of us will forget Eli’s weekly hugs of Corrine following his balancing of the offering on his head at the Saturday night service. (one balancing act!)

Eli graduated from Richland High School in 2010 with hundreds of loving and supportive classmates who traveled with him through his life threatening back surgery. He was the consummate Bomber in ‘Bomberland’. Eli and his Uncle Paul and Aunt Linda loved the WSU Cougars and never missed a chance to cheer them on, much to the chagrin of Eli’s Idaho Vandal parents and brother. It is certainly safe to say Eli fought and won more tough battles than the Cougars or Vandals!

All who knew Eli quickly experienced his love to chat. He spent many hours on the phone sharing his daily life with his grandma Marjorie and Uncles Paul, Ron and Rick. He had a thirst for knowledge and an endless number of questions about Biblical history, animals and everything in between. We are certain he is a greeter at the gates of heaven.

He loved and admired the doctors, nurses and staff of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, who successfully brought him through a bone marrow and a stem cell transplant. Eli so looked forward to his annual checkup and seeing physician’s assistant Richard Rochester, Ms. Elizabeth Walker, who chronicled Eli’s life for the St. Jude’s Promise Magazine, and Ms. Janice Ivory, who ran the gift store. While at St. Jude’s, Eli entwined his life with a truly great man, Mr. Bill Cash, Chief Deputy Sheriff of Shelby County, Tennessee. Eli and Mr. Bill had a very special relationship – Bill was Eli’s best friend next to his dad. Bill and Eli talked on the phone for hours sparring over which college was best – WSU or UCLA. Bill introduced Eli to the many members of the Sheriff’s Department, including the former sheriff and current mayor of Shelby County, Mark Luttrell. In 2004 Eli was made an honorary member of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department and their SWAT team.

Eli loved all of God’s creatures from cats, dogs and birds, to snakes, naked mole rats, and geckoes. Zoo animals were his special passion; his lifelong dream was to build a zoo in the Tri-Cities. His Uncle Paul designed and blueprinted Eli’s Tri-City Zoo. Eli “hired” various friends and family to work at his zoo, principle of which was Pastor Martens – the lead elephant pooper scooper. Eli had a very special relationship with Juan Fuentes, a docent at the Memphis Zoo, one of his most favorite places. They talked animals for hours. Nothing excited Eli more than to tell the story of watching his mom scurry out the door of the Memphis Zoo reptile house as a gaboon viper was fed a large rat.

Eli was an ‘extreme’ sports fan and his favorite team was the Chicago Cubs. Following his stem cell transplant in 2002, Eli was invited to be a special guest of the Cubs at a game at Wrigley Field. There Eli met and coached Sammy Sosa in the fine art of hitting home runs, as only our precious son could do. Unfortunately, Eli never discussed the illegality of corked bats with Sammy and NEVER forgave Dusty Baker for trading his beloved superstar. He watched every televised Cub game, a true test of his faith, eternal hope and endurance. It is very sad that Eli and millions of Americans have not seen the Cubs win a World Series. (more…)

Vintage DVF

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Vintage treasure find of the weekend! $25 ≠ Priceless

Can somebody at DVF date these?

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