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FallenArmy Summer ’09

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Yesterday my friend Jesse and I took summer pictures for his website FallenArmy.

I’ve shot with Jesse a few times. His photos always turn out amazing. When I shoot with Jesse, I can assume an alter ego. I can be someone I wouldn’t be in real life, like a rock star, a hippie or an urban girl. I am so fortunate he asks to shoot photos of me. He is truly a talented photographer with great ideas.

Jesse’s photo shoots don’t just happen over night, he puts a lot of thought into them. Friday night we went to Value Village to pick up clothes for our shoot. Jesse purchased green shorts, a striped shirt, a silver belt, a pink skirt, a crazy metallic tank top and a fur vest. Yesterday morning we met at Jesse’s apartment and coordinated my outfits. I also styled my hair so my bangs hung right in my eyes. We went to a trail near Columbia Park and shot pictures until the sun came up.

To see pictures from our previous shoots click here. My homepage picture and first five photo gallery pictures are also Jesse’s work. I encourage everyone to check out his website. Thank you again Jesse for the amazing pictures!

*Some of his website photos include artsy nudes that may be NSFW. I didn’t shoot any nudes, so get your mind out of the gutter.

♥ BB