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Elyse Canfield Photography

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Wow, where did senior year go!? I recently purchased my cap, gown and graduation announcements. In high school everyone takes senior pictures to send with graduation announcements. Why should college be any different?

My friend Elyse Canfield, a WSU Digital Technology and Culture major, offered to take pictures of me in my graduation attire. She is incredibly talented and I couldn’t pass up the offer. We drove to a little town outside Pullman called Albion. On our way we stopped at a wheat field to take pictures. We also took pictures at an old fence and train tracks.

Elyse’s is a very versatile photographer. Her specialties include senior photos, engagement and wedding photos, and photos for modeling portfolios. However, she is willing to do any kind of photo shoot. Did I mention she is affordable? Elyse only charges $300 for a photo shoot. In these tough economic times, who has tons of money for pictures? Elyse’s picture package includes a photo shoot, re-touching the photos and a CD with all your images. What a deal!

If you are interested in working with Elyse, or would like to see more of her work, visit I’ve included a few of my favorite pictures taken by Elyse. It was hard to pick just a few. They are all amazing!

If you work with Elyse, you will have great results. Her photos really are worth a thousand words.

♥ BB

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Kate and Tyler’s Wedding Week!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

The first week of April two friends and I flew from Seattle to San Antonio, Texas for Kate and Tyler’s wedding. The night before our flight, my friend Lance and I drove from Pullman over snowy Snoqualimie Pass to Kendra’s house in Bellevue. It’s a good thing we drove over the night before, because in the morning they closed the pass. Kendra, Lance and I got to the airport around 7 AM. After checking in, we ate breakfast at Anthony’s. We couldn’t believe after months of planning our trip was finally here! We flew from Seattle to St Paul, and then to San Antonio. We landed in Texas April 1, 2008 around 10 PM. Lance’s brother Brandon drove over from Corpus Christi to pick us up at the airport. Stepping out of the airport terminal, it slowly started to sink in that we are in Texas. Warm weather plus no wind, time to put on shorts!

We easily could have gotten our hotel and gone to bed, but this is Texas. We needed a celebration! Lance and Brandon hadn’t seen each other in almost a year. We unanimously voted to hit up the river walk. After stopping at a few restaurants, we came to Dick’s where the staff is loud, rude and provides horrible service. We loved it. Bra’s dangled from the bar and a band played in the corner. Our server made Kendra and I insulting, vulgar paper hats. Awesome. We closed the place down. What a great first night in Texas.

The next morning we ate lunch on the river walk. Choosing one place to eat is nearly impossible. Everywhere you look, quaint restaurants with outdoor patio areas sit on the river. I could easily spend a week in San Antonio eating on the river walk. After lunch we looked at the typical tourist attractions. As a relative to Davy Crockett, I had to visit the Alamo. As exciting as the Alamo is, we can only stand in the sun taking pictures for so long. Time to get on the road to Hunt, Texas. We couldn’t wait to see Kate and Tyler!

An hour and a half later we drove through the tiny town of Hunt. By the time we saw the Guadalupe River, we lost all cell phone service. Talk about remote wedding location. We arrived to the River Inn Resort around 5 PM. Our friends Teresa, Adam and Katie arrived a few hours before us. I still couldn’t believe I was in Texas, let alone there with all my friends. Time to celebrate!

Our first night in Hunt, the boys grilled up hamburgers, made drinks and a bonfire. Tyler’s Aunt Vicki saw a hat I started crocheting in the airport. She offered me $100 for the hat! I thought she was joking, but apparently not. I finished the hat and made myself one crisp Benjamin. At midnight, everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Lance and myself. We celebrated our 22nd birthday Texas style. Six boys decided to go swimming in their underwear. Talk about bromance! Around 3 AM, after hours of catching up, taking pictures and making memories, we called it a night.

The next morning I woke up to birds chirping and the sun shining. Happy birthday to me! I chowed down breakfast, threw on my swimsuit and rallied the girls. We walked maybe fifty yards to the river and set up camp. Gossip magazines, towels and tanning oils let everyone know we arrived. The boys woke up early to do some fishing. Not a single cloud dotted the sky, making it feel hotter than 85 degrees. Being in Texas, the sun is obviously much stronger than we are used to. Kendra, being a good girlfriend, tried getting Lance to wear sunscreen. “I only burn once,” he said, “then it turns into a nice tan.” Famous last words Guz. The rest of the trip we heard about Lance’s sunburn.

Around four, the girls and I got ready for Kate and Tyler’s wedding rehearsal. Teresa, Kendra and myself were bridesmaids, and three of our friends were groomsmen. After rehearsal we went to a banquet room to eat dinner. I ate the best homemade Barbeque chicken and potato salad of my entire life. I shouldn’t be too surprised, this is Texas.

No wedding would be complete without a bachelorette party! Being in remote Texas there aren’t a lot of options for a bachelorette party. We had to get creative. Teresa, Kendra and I made Kate a sign saying “Last Night Single.” We rounded up the girls, grabbed a couple bottles of champaign and locked out the boys. At least ten girls crammed in a tiny condo makes for a good time. We shared stories from high school and caught up after three years apart. It felt so great to have all the girls together again. Even though we’ve all matured, laughing together and making memories made me feel 16 again. True friends are the ones you don’t necessarily see all the time, but when you are together it’s like you never left. I love these girls.

Following our female antics, Kate and Kendra surprised Lance and myself with miniature birthday cakes. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to us again and Kendra smashed Lance’s cake in his face.

The boys decided to go on a canoe mission. They started to paddle upriver, until Lance stood up to pee. The canoe flipped and all the boys fell in the water. Pretty funny, until they realized they lost all the fishing poles and Hunter’s iPhone. Silly boys, leave it to the ladies to show you up. Kate, Kendra, Teresa and myself hopped in a canoe and started paddling. You could hear us all the way upriver yelling “I’m on a boat,” chanting as we paddled and in Irish accents saying, “Ye can take me canoe, but ye can’t take me freedom!” We decided we should probably go to bed. After all, tomorrow was the big day.

The day of the wedding, I woke up around 8 AM. Like yesterday, the weather rocked. I grabbed my Nikon D60 and headed out to take pictures. I walked probably a mile up the road. I took pictures of the river, boot fence, cool rock house, cliffs, and pretty much anything else. I couldn’t believe how beautiful Texas is. I got back to our condo around 10 AM. The girls were already awake and getting ready. The boys, no surprise, were fishing and swimming. Our friend Katie is a hair stylist. She styled our hair and did an amazing job. My hair does not hold curl, and I am still baffled at how my hair held all day and night. I put on my make-up and dress, then continued taking pictures.

Before we knew it, the photographer showed up. We needed to hurry. The girls and I helped Kate into her beautiful wedding dress. It started to seem real. Kate looked breathtaking. Some of the girls started to cry, but stopped before messing up their eye makeup.

For wedding pictures, we went to a Stonehenge replica a few miles away. This was fine at first. However, 85 degree weather and velvet heels in dirt, makes pictures a little difficult. Next we went to the boot fence. The boot fence is an old fence topped with hundreds of boots. Kate had been coming to the boot fence since she was little, and thought wedding pictures there would be perfect for a Texas wedding. Just like the rest of the day, time flew by. We headed back to the resort to prepare for the wedding.

The wedding party lined up. A violinist played Cannon in D, while we walked down the grassy aisle. When Kate walked down the aisle, I think we all cried. The look on Tyler’s face was indescribable. He looked so happy, completely in love with Kate. I am so happy for them. After exchanging vows, kissing and all the usual wedding stuff, Kate and Tyler took more pictures. The rest of us went to the reception hall to prepare for dinner.

I didn’t think dinner could be any better than the night before, but I was wrong. We ate delicious, homemade king ranch chicken, salad and baked beans. I probably had three servings, no joke.

Between dinner and cake, Kate and Tyler danced their first dance as a married couple. We also toasted to the married couple. Hunter got on the microphone and told stores about meeting Tyler, snowboarding and Tyler’s big ears. Teresa got on the mic and cried, in turn making everyone cry. She talked about how you don’t necessarily have to do anything to have fun with your best friend. Teresa knew Kate and Tyler were serious when she came home to them scrap booking. She said, “At that moment I realized Tyler saw in Kate what I saw in Kate. You don’t have to necessarily do anything, to have fun together.” A few more bridesmaids and myself also gave toasts, and Hunter tried to keep telling stories. Tyler gave a toast to our friend Nick, the best man who passed away earlier this year.

After many toasts and tears, Kate and Tyler cut the wedding cake. Just like everything else in Texas, the cake rocked. I don’t normally like wedding cake, but this cake was an exception, moist, fluffy and not loaded with frosting.

At some point in the wedding reception, the party moved outside. Kate threw her bouquet from the condo deck and Tyler threw Kate’s garter. The boys started the nightly bonfire and played music, while everyone changed out of their wedding attire. It truly was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen.

The next morning we woke up to a little wind with lots of sunshine. I needed to live up my last day in Texas! I grabbed my sunbathing essentials and headed to the river. Kendra, the boys and myself decided to canoe up river to the hot springs. Paddling against the wind made for quite the workout. We got to the hot springs, and tied up the canoes. The water is damed up, making deep pools everywhere that warm up in the sun. I wish I’d brought my camera with me, but I didn’t want to risk losing it in a canoe accident. We walked upriver ways. We had to be careful for Texas wildlife. Lance and Kyle saw a water moccasin the day before, and a venomous snake bite would put a damper on our trip. Tyler pointed out a house that is owned by Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey on Full House). To access the house, you have to drive across the river. When we couldn’t walk any farther, we decided to float back to the condo. On our way back, we reminisced about high school memories, and all the great times from our trip. We were tired and hungry from spending the day in the sun. I couldn’t believe how fast our trip went.

The next morning, everyone woke up sad to leave. We cleaned up our rooms and said our good byes. It felt to great to see everyone for the past week. I didn’t want to leave. We checked out of our condo’s by 11 AM, crammed five people plus luggage into a Pontiac G5 and drove back to San Antonio for one last lunch on the river walk. After one last delicious Texas meal, we drove to the airport.

Our flights home were a fiasco. I attempted to check in, only to be told Northwest changed my flight without telling me. My flight left an hour ago. After some negotiations, the attendant got me on the correct flight. Our first flight took off half an hour late. We landed in St Paul thinking we missed our connecting flight. We ran through the airport terminal, only to find out our flight was delayed two hours. We touched down in Seattle around 1:30 AM. Lance and I dropped Kendra off in Bellevue, and hit the road. We made the five hour drive back to Pullman, so I could make it to class the next morning. We stayed awake talking about our trip, politics, the afterlife and jammed out to Tom Petty. A full moon lit up the night sky. We couldn’t believe how fast our trip came and went. At 7 AM Lance and I came over the hill. Pullman greeted us with a beautiful sunrise. Apparently we brought some Texas weather home with us.

If you haven’t been to Texas, I encourage everyone to check it out. The people are hospitable, the food rocks and there is so much to do and see. I hope to be back soon. My trip to was a good time, with great friends and priceless memories.

♥ BB

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