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Five Reasons WSU Beats UW

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

With my final Apple Cup (more like the Crapple Cup) as a WSU student, I found it appropriate to compile my top 5 reasons WSU is better than UW. Here they are:

5. UW fans wear purple. Enough said.

4. UW quarterback Jake Locker is out for the season… He broke his thumb. Broken hand, torn ACL, dislocated shoulder, those excuses I can understand. Broken thumb!? You suck.

3. In Washington’s tough economic times, UW had the audacity to ask taxpayers to pay for a $75 million renovation. WSU recently finished renovating Martin Stadium. Students paid for it, NOT taxpayers.

2. WSU students have more school spirit! The Department of Licensing revealed there are 11,981 registered WSU plates on the road, versus the measly 4,956 UW plates.

1.Win or lose, we still booze!

On a side note, WSU beat UW 16 to 13 in 2OT.